New player - Played for 2 days solo, could use some mates!


Well, the title kind of says it all, im New to the game but just spent like 2 full evenings (and a litle bit night) on a official server there i cant understand or be understood.
Its not a complaint at all, its just im lacking the social part so would like to move somewhere and maybe find someone or a clan thats fresh on a server!

Really like the game so will be active alot! :slight_smile:

One option is also if some English speaking peeps wanna join me on offical 1300!

Could mention i have 2 bases, one at newbie lagoon and a second one where there are iron and coal deposits, in my mind that was practical so have some infrastructure should one wanna join 1300 :slight_smile:

I preffer PVE Focus and raids stuff like that, im not shy of PVP but find pure PVP a bit demanding when one is New

PC gamer btw, dunno if that matters!

Well you should come join my server :smiley: Its an RPPvP hybrid with RPG elements in it too, and there is not alot of PvP going on right now. Very friendly active people, some from Europe.
Only thing is I have mods on my server, nothing crazy but just some additions to the game to make it prettier and a level 300 cap. We have 4 custom built dungeons for varying levels that each have appropriate loot. We also have thespians(pippi NPCS) that are coded for dungeons, quests, dailies, trading, and merchants. Our discord is