[PC] New Player LFG (No PVE only)

I’m new to the game and looking for a group. I bought the game on release but am just now getting back into it and although I don’t have much experience in this game I’ve played many other Survival titles and want to find a group that is mature and active. I have discord or teamspeak, really doesn’t matter I can do either one, and I play pretty much daily. No PVE only please I like to play a balanced mix between the two as I want to learn and get into the combat and raid as well as build and explore.

I have a clan called Lost Vikings on a private RPPVP server (not my server). Server is 1x, allows KoS, no asset dmg restriction schedule, etc.

Very PvP and also very RP and friendly at the same time.

Good community and good times so far. We are doing a tavern/arena and also of course all the normal raiding stuff.

Roleplay preferred but not strictly required

If you want to join we will need to talk on discord a bit

You can come join us on a US official PVP server. It’s just me and one other guy right now. Lvl 60 and 50. Add mattijor 272 or DurtyDog67 on steam if you’re interested.