LFG NA/PVP experienced

Just looking to get back into this game. I wouldnt mind a boosted server pvp timers, but i am also fine with official as long as we have a solid few people who are going to take the game seriously.

I would also be willing to find a good server and start a clan from the ground up if at least 3 people (who are not small children) respond to this post. We can start a discord and begin the slaughter.

If youd like join my friend and I we gave the same idea. We only want 3-5 people and older people. In level 44 and I’m 24 years old. My buddy is level 30 and is 16 years old.

Were on an official pvp btw.

console or PC? Forgot to mention I am on PC.
Also, not gonna lie, Im a little nervous to join up with a 16 year old.
Not exactly a small child but I have played with several teenagers and MOST of the time their decision making skills are lacking and it has caused issues in the past…
However if u guys are on PC, we can still meet up and see how it goes.
Im looking for a group that I can stick with til end game and still pvp/raid.
let me get your steam and we will figure something out.

Hey if you’re still looking for a group I’m on a RP PvP server and looking for some people to refill the ranks in my clan. We are pretty far a long so we can’t offer a fresh start up but we do have plenty of land space if you want to build your own base. Also all of us 21+ in age.

Papabear#0018 is my discord.

Sorry were ps4. Good luck