PvP Official PS4

Have a clan of 3 solid on an official server that isn’t too bad and hits full capacity often (only have to wait a few minutes to get in).

Be great to find a couple of active players to join us. We are on the older side so have family’s etc, so that comes first :grinning:. We have two bases and working on a 3rd so hopefully always have a home if we get attacked.

There are a few clans that are easy to hate so finding targets is never an issue. And we also like to do PVE groups etc

Zate2014 PSN

Hello. Me and my mate looking for active server, we are both +30y and we have families too ;). We take of the bracelet month ago becouse server we played died slowly. We are finland players and now rested well. U can add me ps4 friend hittokiri86.

Sounds good I will have my friend reach out, I’m on vacation till Monday

Ok. I wait

Me and my mate would be interested , where are you 3 from?

USA central standard time. One lady lives in Alaska :grinning:. My clan mate is going to reach out to you Hittokiri

Raid times are 4-10 CST on the server that we are on FYI. Most of us play anywhere from 7-2am CST

Also we use discord

I would like to join if you still have room

Yep , what is your PSN?

Looking for a clan for ps4… No mic atm, but have played since EA, so relatively familiar with the game. Are you still looking for players?

Yavid510 I’m getting on now if anyone is on

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Psn: troncat9
Just got the game 2 days and have been playin heavy! Just looking for a clan because it seems so much better than playing solo on the online serves. I’m a noob so idk how to do much of what’s going on. Also I have a mic but it works when it decides it wants to :joy:

Region you play eu us etc very seasoned player looking for a home