Searching For Clan Mates (PS4)

Good Evening,

I am Writing this topic to those who are searching to be apart of clan via PS4 Platform.

We are currently a Clan of 7 But only 4 of us are actively playing on EU Official servers making raid times 4pm-10pm GMT+. We really need to the numbers to favour us in battle when PvPing the future. Now its not going to be a first come first serve because i don’t want people to inside our base.
So for those wanting to join please fill out these questions below in a reply or alternatively you can message me on discord or ps4.
(please don’t get salty if your request gets turned down)


Where do you live?:

How much Experience do you have with Team Play:

What your PvP skills like? Don’t worry if your not the best, training can be for-filled :

Are you the Type to give up after getting blown up twice?:

Why do you want to be apart of our group?:

How often can you play?:

Discord - Bunny Boiler#2530
PSN- Critical_Central (add me first before sending message)

Hey! We have an active clan on PVP official but some of our numbers are dwindling now due to joining servers and not finding much of a challenge these days. I’ve started my own pvp server if you want to tag along with your mates to mess around with active pvp fights and raiding dummy bases? Or you can feel free to join our official server too? Lemme know if you’re interested!

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sure man shoot me a message on discord please :slight_smile: