[PS4] Looking for someone to play with

Just got the game. This is obviously a game where you want to communicate and share experiences. Watched a lot of clips on what I should d so have a relatively good information to help you out if your also new. PM

What server are you on and is it pvp or pve?

I’m on a pve server, but looking for people… only playing with a rl friend for now

Add me if you like I am building a good clean clan. Im fairly new i got 5 guys in the clan now and you can be one too if you like. Message me on PSN for more information. I want a tribe of 10 to start going to have personal server ect. Eliteforces09 is my PSN. Thanks !

hi just paid for a 3 month server im running a PvE without mods, no cheating im on level 1 and starting from scratch look me on on PvE it’s called build a village

on PvE it’s called build a village i am running it without mods, no wipes from me constantly on line and teamspeak

Come join my server The Barbarian Village I’ll help you and show you the ropes my psn jack5the1ripper3