[PS4][PVP] [NA] LF Clan

Solo player willing to change servers and join a clan. Wanting to meet new players, make new friends.
I’ve reached end game before on PC and then PS4 on an official server and the clan fell through as we finally were able to keep up with the big clans.
If you have a spot open please message me on PSN Trisqit.

I rented a 40 person server you can join also looking for clan members the server is The Barbarian Village

My psn is jack5the1ripper3

If you still haven’t found a good server I have one as well you could join. Psn name Namfoogle. I also have a listing here.

If you still looking for a tribe youre welcome :slight_smile: just started a week on the server we get protection from 2 big tribes and we work as one

Hey buddy. If you havent found a tribe my tribe is looking for 2 more members. We have 8 in total. Going for 8. Were alpha on our server and alliances with the other alpha. If you’re new this works to your advantage because we have the server on lock down. We have multi bases but our main base has 10 rooms for each member. Were on every day doesnt mean you have to be but were looking for consistent members.

Still a free space for a dedicated player in your clan? If so I would be most pleased to join, if not no worries…