[PS4] [Recruiting] [Official PVP] [US] [EU]


Currently have 7 members and are the “alpha” or top tribe on our America server with a verbal alliance with the other top tribe. We are like a family and would like to keep the peace. You need help learning the game, tired of playing solo, or tired of getting wiped? Msg me


hi I’m currently solo player but wanting to join a clan ive played ark before so I know how much dedication it takes hope to hear from you soon dm player tag is menacexx7one4xx


Hallo, i’m on a server and mostly alone.
Searching for a more played server, if i may join, please pm me


hey im 81+ i speak german eng and dutch i know the most basic i travel mostly alone in the northen regions my ps4 name is ranokas feel free to add me


Join server 3560 it’s an official pvp server