Looking for a Tribe & server to play on

Hi all, I am 45yr old & I am looking for a Tribe & a pvp server to play on. I am on my own hence the reason for a Tribe.

I play about 10hrs a day, I love gathering,building & everything else, my PSN name is Samcart3r29, I live in the UK so looking for an EU/USA server

Hello I rented a 40 person server you can join as I’m looking for people to play with. You should add me jack5the1ripper3 I’m a friendly active admin who dosent cheat in any way

Sorry forgot to post the server name lol. It’s The Barbarian Village

You can try us. New server, boosted rates…relaxed. The War Tribes

I’m on official. I’m the alpha with another tribe. We neee more members. Add my psn. Ogstickyickyy007

You guys should come join my server there’s me an one other separate clans you have a chance to dominate