New To The Game. Looking For Clan

New to the game and to the genre. Looking for a clan that is willing to be patient as I learn the in and outs of the game. Looking for PvE at the moment until I am able to get the hang of the game. Thank you. -TheKTJ

Hey Thek,
I got a small clan looking for members. It is a official PvP server though, but we are located at a relatively safe place and in the weeks I have been playing I have been killed only once ( not counting the times I died while getting raided offline when we were at a less secure location). So if you plan on going PvP at a later stage anyway it might be worth considering to join so you get to keep the stuff you gather while learning. What time zone are you located and what platform do you play on?

Hey TheKTJ

I’ve a small server, focused primarely on building, but we are adventuring as well. its a PvE server with some mods (focused mostly on building).

As Iliadoa asked: what time zone are you in and platform do you play on?

We are (at the moment) 3 very active players located in norther europe (Scandinavia and UK)

hope to hear from you soon

I play on PS4 and I am located within the Central Time Zone. West KY

If you have not joined a sever yet we have a ps4 pve and mostly building. We have very active admins and always willing to help. Message me at jray32363 if you are interested

Lots of friendly peeps who want new clan members, all willing to help newbies

Soujourn II – A Conan Exiles RPPvP Server 20 slots

Are you fed up with ‘Alpha Clans’ ruining your game? Are you getting bored of original Conan, and looking to extend your gameplay? Are you a newbie, looking to find friendly people to help you? Do you want to join a clan? Want to dabble in RP? Maybe you love RP and want a server for this?

If you answered yes to these things, I have the server for you. I was all the above, before I joined this server 3 months ago, and I have never regretted it! It gets better each week.

  • Unique faction system with rewards, designed by our admin
  • New lighting mod created by admin to add more realism into the game
  • SandstormEx makes sandstorms more dangerous and take different paths
  • Immerse RP adds new placeables
  • Birds of Passage
  • NoxUIChanges
  • Kerozard’s Paragon Levelling
  • Aquilonian Females
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Emberlight
  • Pippi
  • 20 slots (more will be added when needed) which are never full but there are lots of active players
  • RP not compulsory
  • US server, but in the EU, I barely lag (my Ping is worse than EU official, but my lag is better. Go figure)
  • A multi-cultural server, someone is always online
  • Start up welcome house with freebies
  • Player run markets (come and create your own!)
  • Fresh players all the time, you won’t be the only newbie
  • Active admins, always open to player suggestions and ideas
  • Friendly, helpful and respectful players
  • No resets, but abandoned builds are monitored and cleared if it is confirmed players have left
  • PvP Free zone
  • Great RP/PvP Rules to cater for all

Direct Connect:


Come join us, you wont regret it!

I’m interested I play on ps4 and psn is ranjore1987 if you are still looking

U can always try out my server:
Summer is here / 2x / New / Admin / Events / Discord

Or check out our community on discord before joining.

Can always add me on psn aswell: mpcelroy