Should the official server rules be different for PVP? And how?

There seems to be some sentiment that the official server TOS should be different for PVP servers, as opposed to PVE(-C). I’m not sure how popular that sentiment is, but it sounds like the discussion might be interesting.

Let’s hear some concrete proposals from the PVP players.


I can see the merits of a different set of rules. In PVP, if something is peeing in your cornflakes, you can grab some bombs and blow it up. Landclaiming an area is a valid tactic to ensure that you can take an area prior to a raid, and vital to ensure that certain locations can’t be trebbed easily.

In PVE, what’s there is there. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Landclaim webs, large constructions, laggy altars, etc… They’re there to stay for as long as their owner refreshes the decay timers, leaving to a large deficit in viable building locations.

I can see the merits in having a different set of rules for the two types of gameplay, because even the unspoken rules between players is so different.

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Okay, but that’s why I said “let’s see some concrete proposals”. I understand the sentiment, but that’s just “here’s why I think the rules should be different”, not “here’s how I think the rules should be different” :wink:

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I’m one of the few people that just don’t see a difference in the actual game and therefore the rules shouldn’t be different. The only thing I see is an evolution of players’ mindsets and expectations on a game that never gave any and therefore can logically be assumed that there were to be no differences.

But hey…I’ll stalk here to see the input because it’s interesting evolutionary psychology/sociology.


To clarify, there are certain restrictions that I feel should be eased on PVP servers. This one in particular:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources, and other areas of the game.

Blocking Obelisks/resources should be a valid tactic in PVP. You wanna wall off the frozen north and monopolize the star metal nodes? Go for it. You’ll spend the majority of the raid window defending your walls, but you do you lol. Obelisks too. You map room to a blocked off Ob? remove bracelet, summon corpse, come back with bombs. No problem. A minor annoyance at best. Blocking the dungeons, not so much. That’s a lot of necessary content that you can block off, and dungeons are really fun. That said, with the expansion of no-build zones are the dungeons, walling them off will likely be about as difficult as walling off star metal: Good Luck defending that.

I also believe that “Landclaim for the sake of Landclaim” should not be bannable within reason. Landclaim webs SUCK. They’re annoying to maneuver through, annoying to get rid of, and just suck the fun right out the game. However, building a base in the jungle and then placing foundation rings around some nearby pillars should not be considered a violation. “Defense” should be a viable reason to build in an area.

I can probably think of more, but those are the ones that spring to mind.


Were you around when the toxic gamer go2 was to literally wall off the spawning desert? I saw no less than 5 of these back in 2019…where if you were of the right clan, you couldn’t play on that server. Never underestimate the level of dedication it takes to be a jerk. It’s actually exhausting.

Ok…that’s a bit much… that should definitely be bannable, no questions asked.

In a perfect would, yes they should probably be different. But we don’t have a perfect world. There’s nuances to the building system that can make for some really untenable gameplay, even with thousands of bombs.

I’m of the personal opinion that in PVP, walls and such blocking access should be considered PVP. Within reason. And also if raid times were set to 24/7 and DBD OFF. Right now with raid damage only being up for 5 hours allows a troll with some stone and wood to block off content for up to 19 hours at a time every day.

19 hours a day Sandstone is impervious. That’s no good.

And with DBD On you potentially have a structure made by a troll that is just always there if they decide to never login except at an odd hour to refresh.

If this was a perfect would. Such things wouldn’t really be a problem. But when you have a hands off moderation policy induced by the fact there is hundreds of servers to moderate, then concessions have to be made. You have to make policy around the mechanics instead of the mechanics around the policy (as you see on actively modded servers).

First we need PVP servers … and not 5 hours a day PVP servers!.

→ Full PVP and building damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks like Ark or Rust.
→ Adjust attack, defense, thralls … for that to be balanced.
→ Adjust XP and farming rates.
→ A location to get level 60, like a stone or something.
→ Add upkeep for all buildings, 10% a day (like Rust).
→ Decay T1 : 3 days, T2 : 6 days, T3 : 9 days.
→ A wipe every 3 months.

Upkeep for example :
→ under 500 building pieces 10% a day.
→ 500 to 1000 20% a day.

→ 5000 or more building pieces 100% a day.

You are not here to build a castle but … to survive, fight, raid and … simply play PVP :slight_smile:

With right decay, upkeep and servers settings, you do not need server TOS for PVP.


24/7 raiding would only work if offline raid protection was active. It is currently too quick and easy to raid most pvp bases offline and players can’t be expected to play 24/7.

Sounds good at first but if they block off all brimstone for example, it could be very difficult to blow up what they have placed.

The issue with DBD on is nothing stops a level 1 from blocking major content and then logging off, then serial refreshing to troll a server. Either blocking such things needs to be actionable, or you need a way to blow it up at all times.

The issue with DBD and raid times is the same as above, except you only get a 5 hour window (or whatever the raid time is) to actually get through said barriers. Which can immediately go back up as soon as raid timer elapses.

You can set the raid times to be a longer period to mitigate, but then you run into having to defend your stuff for longer periods of time.

Its a crappy situation. You either need rules, or you need some heinous raid times. Not much of an in between here.

I agree an in game option could be difficult here. Some players complain that they can’t do 5 hours, so 24 hours would be difficult to gain support for.

I like the following idea though and maybe it could be combined with @Rekt’s idea to make it more difficult for trolls. It could even be linked to gaining XP points for the Battle Pass.

Maybe an alternative idea could be to have buildings lose HP everyday until they disappear if the builder goes near them then the HP is restored. At least the troll would then have to put in some effort.

Yup, gonna go with the building rules removed, with the exception of spiderwebbing around bases - yours or theirs. Until a viable way to deal with claim spam is brought back, like gods being nukes (which only affects PVP servers anyways, weapons like the Siege Hammer that damages spam and more raid weapons. Imagine being able to clear spam by swinging you hammer again!

Just thinking of ideas that havent been discussed, but something like a Tool Chest or Cupboard that each clan gets 1 of and only 1. It would have a radius of XXX, and maybe even has a cost to upkeep. All pieces within that bubble (maybe its the size of a god shield, or 2-3 times bigger. You could make it so everything inside that area has the ability of some kind of protection, either offline or a raid window. Everything outside that radius can be damaged round the clock, heck even put a decay timer on that of 24 hours.

Still thinking on that one, needs tweaking, but its better then what we got.

Besides that, the only real thing on PVP servers that should have any enforcement behind it should be exploiters, hackers and undermeshers. Those dont apply nearly as much to PVE, because none of that is relevant.

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Yes, I’ve felt that PvP and PvE need to be developed separately, with PvE-C being the crossover of the two. I made a post asking the opposing sides to come together and discuss how this could and should happen, but it didn’t make it very far.

  1. Building over paths should be allowed
    Blocking or building over paths is a valid strategy to slow enemies down.

  2. Building over bosses should be allowed
    Legendary weapons are not much use in pvp now anyway.

Both of the above ideas would be intended mainly in the building of bases etc rather than denial of assets but that could be an option too.

Well then you haven’t been watching my arc. Thanks to good friends, and patient forum members, I have over time accepted some truths and now believe the modes should be separated. I don’t agree with it, as you can see in past and recent impassioned screeds of my own – that separate paths are doom for our community – but I now agree a divorce is necessary to save the home.


They’d have to block off brimstone lake, which is already difficult to defend, then Sinner’s Refuge, gallaman’s tomb, the executioner’s entrance, and the jungle waterways. And that’s just the ones off the top of my head. There’s also brimstone in random chests, certain rocknoses, and skeletons. That’s a lot of areas they’d need to block off. And if they somehow manage that, they’re still not safe from gods, orbs, or sorcerery.

If we’re talking seriously about different modes, then I think we should address the plentiful “no-resource-impact” areas on the map. This is a soft example, there are plenty of harder, end-game places all over the map where the only things you despawn are resources you’d prefer to have. In other words, I’m depriving myself of some stone and plant fiber in this low-impact build.

We should be allowed to fortify, encircle and properly extend our reach from such bases. I had this base (Chain Fire) and my other one, Big Rock Candy Mountain → with three independent runs of anti-climb and a tippy-top base that really looked just hideous. But it worked.


I could say something here, but it wouldn’t be so valid since almost 18 months now I am away from official pvp servers!
What I will say however is that in pvp you can destroy builds, that means that they should have the right to build more than the other modes! The question here is one!

Can the server handle it anymore?

Maybe the rules are the same in all modes because the servers cannot be upgraded as the game did, so they cannot handle the oberbuild anymore! To this I see no solution!

But I believe that pvp, as long as they build with proper ways, they should have more land claim than the other modes!

That’s a good question. Especially considering the rules are in place to not only make sure players have a fair shot at content, but also so that the server can load up after a restart.

A healthy server restarts in 2-3 minutes (thats even with 6GB of mods in my experience). Does anyone know how long their server takes to restart when it does? If its over 5-10 minutes, its not a great sign.

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