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With new server types potentially coming in the expansion, it would be really great to have a PVP server where building pieces can’t be destroyed, rather only doors can be broken down.

PVE-C takes the player out of RP mode when you come across a wide open bench or furnace and you can’t take stuff out of it… On the flip-side, it really sucks to have a base flattened so quick on PVP, especially when you’re restarting an an alpha clan attacks full force.


Now here’s the thing. I personally would love this. I think it could lead to much more interesting base defense and sieges and would certainly prevent base leveling. Though I would add to the list of destructible objects also fences and crenellations. That way you can’t make a place unassailable simply by putting anticlimb.

However, there is a big exploit of this system that could be used to make a base impenetrable. And that is a sandstone wall. All you would need is to not make a door in your base and just break/replace a sandstone wall where you would have a door each time you leave. Yeah a little annoying, but cheap and for 100% security. I’d say worth it. So maybe only make Tier 3 structures immune to damage. Same problem just a little more expensive for the exploiter. The only way I can think to circumvent this exploit is to make it so all vaults, crates and chest need to have a free pathway to outside your territory. Doors don’t block the pathway but everything else does. I don’t know how difficult or even possible that would be to program. Which suggests to me they aren’t going to do it because that’s a big undertaking. But it’s the only way around the problem I can think of, and even then I’m sure someone would find a work around. What do you all think?

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Yeah, oldest trick with some apex bases.

Maybe a work around, and possibly easier to code, is that the only building pieces the extend decay time are doors. And also have the most claim range. Anything within that claim gets the decay time. This would also alleviate spamming around bases to an extent, as one would have to use low HP doors. IF the parts are not in a land claim, they have 1 hour decay timer. Just a thought.
Something like this
the yellow is outside of doors claim area

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That is a pretty good idea that would certainly ensure doors are used and possibly solve some other problems. However, what is to stop someone from putting a door that goes to nowhere, just a foundation? Or simply using interior doors to avoid decay? Sadly I think there are still some work arounds. Keep thinking though if we actually come up with a solution we could make our own survival game and be rich… that’s how real life works right??

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Maybe make the hit box so that directly behind it for 4 foundations is non place able.
And make not placing directly in front area as well. That, and you have to destroy the entire door and door frame, not just “upgrade” it. this would make it so that it is causing stability. IDK, just tossing ideas that are better than the current state. ON my server, tbh, i never have to leave or enter my base thru a doorway. Lets just say map room and T3+ bearer thralls. That is all i need and I will never have to make trips to and from my hidden base.

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