New type of official servers

I love possibility to attack players, but… Also i like to build beautiful buildings without “Rust building technologies” you must build ugly trap rooms and “box home”. So, here is my suggestion:

Create new type of official servers where players can attack each others, but buildings can’t be destroyed by players.

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And get cheap t1 walls blocking anything important as a result


Why are so many people asking for all of these game changes when private servers with mods exist? This exact thing can be done on a private server.


You know. There might by people who dislike playing on private servers for their own reasons.

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Thank you. I don’t like to play on private servers by some reason, that why i ask for new type of official servers.

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I thought PvP Normal servers had building dmg disabled.

You can build beautiful on regular servers. There was a excellent village built by the Wardens on #616 before the Frozen North. The key point is just not to have things people want to steal. If you want to build beautiful, then you cannot hoard. ‘Box’ forts and such are for hoarding, and for hardcore PvP.

My clan built some great bases on our server, after we established dominance. We called them our ‘RP homes’ and they were just pretty houses we built for fun.

Players won’t wreck your entire base ‘just cause’. They’ll raid you, and take everything of value, but they won’t wreck your home if it doesn’t look profitable to them.

If you want to build beautiful, then I’d recommend just sticking to T1 or T2 structures. Build cheap, use utilize windows to let players see that you have nothing to steal. Build homes without doors, so that players can just enter them without needing to break down the door. Don’t recruit thralls. Use your building materials as soon as you earn them. And stash away your tools somewhere hidden when you’re not currently using them. Also: Play nice with the other clans. If they know you’re not a threat, they won’t worry about you. You could maybe even work out a protection deal with them, or help them destroy a more hostile clan.


No, those are simply limited, the same as “pvp fast” are.
Mayham is the only type which will allow for siege anytime.
Normal and fast only allow at:
Monday-Friday 17 to 0
Saturday+Sunday 10 to 0

Which is nothing more than a workaround. Good idea though.

I like the idea how SP games are started.
Some easy, some medium and some hardcore way.
-> Why not call those pvpservers that?
Like easy PvP letting people harvest more (multiplier 2) and wont allow building damage.
Medium PvP normal harvesting, limited raiding times.
Hardcore PvP normal harvesting, unlimited raiding times.