Let’s come together and try to find a way to move forward on official servers

Ya ya broken record aside. There’s a serious issue plaguing official servers especially pvp. I know there will be people who disagree but I personally think it’s pretty evident that the rules are vague. Far to many players are being banned you can’t sit there and say they are all cheaters/ exploiters. Some simple ideas are… if there’s a spot that funcom doesn’t want you to build then simply make it unbuildable. Possibly make a building cap on official pvp. I think most pvpers will agree we don’t need 10,000 + build pc to play. But clearly no one knows what’s to much. As far as building goes there are so many ways you can use any of the building pieces. It should not be on the players shoulders to guess what is allowed and what isn’t. Please if you have nothing good to say this post is not for you.


If they were to add more no build zones, there would have to he a way to turn them off in the settings. People already wonder why in single player and private servers they are constrained to no build zones and there isnt a toggle for that yet (thankfully lbpr exists for pc) and now we would have even less space to build in environments that are not relevant to officials.


Idunno about the 10k piece limit sounds too little.

have 7800 pieces on my server with a base in the keyhole zero land claim. literally have two chinese clans with pyramids 10foundation length from the entrance.

Have our own pyramids at brimstone and sinkhole and outside of map rooms at every obelisk thats the only building we have and its already 7800.

Imagine if I wanted to build around the keyhole so people couldn’t build right next to me… I didnt do that because im afraid of zendesk wipe and look what happens 2 chinese clans built ontop of me LMAO

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Pvp wise, build limit, new decay timer where you have the normal refresh 7 days, but the base has a max life of 2 months. Reason being makes itnhard to accumalate massive land cla8m if you have to rebuild every 60 days, or at least makes it where turtling is harder.

Pvp 24/7 with dynamic turned on 30 min cooldown. No repair cooldown on damaged building items of untul 30 mins after last damage as well. Cteates actual pvp raids and offlining meta goes away. Also allows for mental breaks to renenergize insteaf of nonstop logging in just to make sure you arent offlined. Slows down farming, so harder to build in excess ifbyou have to pay attention to event log.

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The idea of the dynamic raid does make a lot of since. Sounds like something most people would agree with as well. What exactly do you mean by the decay timer having a max of 60 days? Are you saying a forced wipe?

I’m afraid a limit building pieces would still allow building abuse, for example you can stack within the building limits.

Like AxeIsAnnoying suggested might solve a lot of issues:

Especially wiping the content would help, no one is going to spend hours maybe days on “building abuse” every month right? Right? Well at least less likely… I think.

Everyone would have a chance each month.

There’s no longer a overlord clan that bombs everyone down because they are the superiors…

I might return to PvP, but I keep dreaming

As some of that may help. That is a lot of changes most of which wouldn’t go to well with the pvp community. I think we can all agree stacking is against the rules.(it’s clearly stated) it goes a bit deeper than that unfortunately because players are still getting dev wiped without stacking and land claim spam. The idea of 5-6 person clan size official server options does sound pretty good.


Sort of. But based on when that player built. So not server wide.

Example, i build my base in crevice today. I still have to refresh every 7 days like now. But after April 21st, the base will decay and cannot be refreshed anymore. Meaning i would have to rebuild it or move. For tjis to work thouf, pickup would have to be turned off as well for pvp. This makes it where over time you will have to farm and prep for possible moves.

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i also thunk 5 man clan max would help. Right now a clan of 10 with thralls means a 20 man raiding party on static bad defemse ai thralls. By reducing clan size to 5, the 2 clans would have to be careful not to have thier thralls agro each other.

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I don’t think the dust has settled yet on the old ways. I still run into servers that are obvious violations and probably hold over from eons past.

As for your no build area…yeah that would be easy but that is a small fraction of the issues that plague our servers. In fact I bet you could build structures in those zone that are compliant…what you have here is some just cannot fathom the idea of building with the entire server in mind.

Let’s take a different stab at it. Every build we put on the server has an affect on the server as a whole. Now it could be a benefit for the server as a whole, neutral, or negative. Now you can say that all negatives are bannable but that’s not the case. Your base and even an exterior court wall is a negative effect on the server as a whole but this is acceptable for the most part unless you purposely built in a location to have a negative effect on others. What isn’t acceptable are things that really serve no purpose for you but has a negative efffect on the server. These are things that put you at risks for being banned. Now you could ask for the details…the numbers etc of this but that is not going to serve any good because if you take that approach then if I place a public maproom every 100 yards linked with foundations in every direction, then I am good. No you aren’t and should be banned for not understanding the spirit of the rules. Games, even competitive ones, should be seen as fun experiences where you invite folks in and enjoy the conflict. The rules of chess doesn’t include anything about putting a hotel on a spot and demanding the other player to give me fake money if they land there…yet we can all say that isn’t allowed. If the build has the perception as maliciously placed for negative effects of the server as a whole, then it’s at risk of being removed and the clan banned. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t intend it that way and it doesn’t matter if you can justify it. The server’s health matters more than your personal build. Due to the amount of variables that determines what is healthy (IT elements, in the game elements, player comfortability, etc) you aren’t going to get a clear consise list of do’s and don’ts. If you simply don’t trust FC with the way they manage their official servers, don’t play on them and find or create a private server. Once again, real simple.

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But here is the problem…are they being banned for that humble cottage they build on server 123 or the urban sprawl in server 456 from a clan they are members in that server? Like I said, way too many variables out there and yes that means crimes of the past can come back to haunt you so the only proactive thing to do is to log into old servers and ensure you aren’t connected to any past clans.

I agree way to many variables and that’s the issue. I speak from personal experience when I say it’s not as easy as you might think to follow the rules

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Nothing is 100% compliant…in this game or in life so we all run risks and that means stressers. ToS states that if you block resources you are subject but there are very few build spots where you don’t block a tree or stone spawn. Clearly not the intent of FC is targeting but letter of the ToS means 99% of builds are in violation. Common sense and a degree of trust is needed to parse all of this without getting in the weeds and all becoming grammer lawyers. This game is supposed to be fun, not an additional stresser on your life. I probably am being called a WK but it’s more of I trust they, FC, is trying to do what is right. If I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t even be playing on officials because without trust in the administration of the server, what purpose is it for me to play on it…to troll them? Yeah no I’ll just move to a different game. I will take one for the team (which I am big time with the server trimming but that is a different story) if needed because the success of the game is more important. I would like to see a more transparent list of things they have accepted and have removed and the reasons for the actions so that administrators and players can all be using the same ideals but this has to be for them to do.

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It sounds like we are both on a similar page

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I used to think this too… Then I realized about 10 seconds later, people would just argue over that. So in the end it wouldn’t even matter. All the admins would be doing by doing that is supplying ammunitions. Nah, it’s all fine just as it is. The rules are crystal clear once you stop and think about them for about one or two minutes. And if someone can’t do that there’s nothing the Admins or FC can do to help them.

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That will kill PvP.

Why are PvE people trying to change PvP? I understand the synchronicity, but I feel their PvP representation is low on the forums. Of course, PvP requires time that some people don’t have. That includes being under monthly wipes. Yes, traditional raid windows need to go.

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Thanks for stating your bias. I feel that PvPers tend to not work the forums. Of course, secrets. Or strategy wise.

I like PvP for the strategy and for being unable to cheese some battles.

Just equalizing (equity?) the weapons gives away secrets. There is benefit to read the forums. It might be the only place to chat with other PvPers, but that depends on if your chat is enabled while in PvP. (There is no chat window on pvp officials) (only voice)

I found out by reading the forums I had the best axe one me. It is no longer that way because people went to the forums and complained. I saw both sides of the argument.

LOL. Okay well, I guess if that’s how you feel.

Hmmm ya. The only way to talk is through the in-game voice server or the forums. If there is no voice then the forum is it.

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So far it seems like dynamic raiding, the option for 5-6 man clansmax on official and more information/ clearer rules could help official pvp servers. For those of us who like vanilla game of course

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