The PVE Builder

Hello funcom we are at crossroads again.

With your updates and ongoing bugs. Your latest rules to the severs is once again hurting your loyal players. Especially PVE builders such as myself. Yes player land claims are an annoyance when players block off other players from resources/ leyshrines / etc. But I like to build magnificent structures that welcome players On PVE. I hope this is not the end for me but if do lose my work… this is a kind goodbye for the fun in funcom is no longer there.

Please take your time to target the players that are actually taking the fun out of it and not the ones who actually take the time to try and follow the rules by destroying un needed but valued structures. Although the game currently does not have a build limit engine to limit players placing building pieces when they have reached the build limit.


With the new server rules, has anyone been effected yet that did or did not warrant it? I have not heard anything on my PvE official server at least although, I have not heard anyone complaining about anyone’s build either so my server probably not a good sample.

I personally think besides true spammers, majority players will not have to worry about the rule changes. I am in a clan that likes to build.

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This isn’t an airport, no need to announce your departure. Just the feedback is fine, you could have worded this entire post better if your emphasis was more on suggesting a build limit or even just your opinion on the rules. The entire post just feels like a waste as soon as you make your focus “I’m leabin dis gaem n nevr comming bak”


So you build giant structures in the noob area, trying to impress new players?
What if they do not want to be impressed?
Nothing says WTF more than coming out of the desert naked anticipating some real survival and seeing the Taj Mahal and a picnic basket.

Sounds like you walled off an extensive area for your “reserve”. You have cause to be concerned for breaking the TOS.


there are people here that I like more and more


Pretty much what I was thinking


Public servers are a shared space for 40 total players, not your personal playground. If your pet project violates the rules, it should be summarily demolished. No one elected you as the public works department of an official server.

There are plenty of private servers that would love to benefit from your creativity. Take it there.


No. Red Lion Empire does not need walls to block any players from resources. I “welcome” them to gods claw with no walls and open doors.
The server numbers are listed for any ignorant players to see for themselves.

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You have to place a bear next to that picnic basket!!!


I agree that on pve servers half the fun is building and I do think there should be some level of restriction in place to prevent ridiculous amounts of land claim and especially if someone is trying to block off areas or recourses. It would be nice if funcom would elaborate a bit more on what is considered too big of a build or at the very least show us some pictures of builds they would take down because of the size so that we could have a better idea of what to avoid doing. A lot of people have spent several years building up very nice things and to have it taken down with no real warning would be pretty upsetting. At the very least they could try and find a way to give a 24 hour warning to those players so they could try to adjust to the restrictions.

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Which server? I am curious on testing a server with serious lag issues.


And to limit blocks dont help mutch when you can kill a server whit 1-200 blocks but hardly build a small house whit.

But its not an over populations problem any more. the server are never full and its almost empty on buildings, almost empty!

But its a problem when the new rules is even more fluffy and unspecific whit limits as “to mutch and somthying” but what its to mutch, to big and so on? Spec in combo whit no warning and posebe to apeel the bane.

I’m glad someone gets it, people don’t have to have a base that fills up whole grid squares to lag every badly. A 2 story 3x4 place did a fine job lagging me badly with PS4 pro and good internet. I’m on server 3534, and it is not overpopulated, nor do I believe a single player has the massive bases that I think they are imagining, like are on PC servers, also don’t think there are any current players with ridiculous amounts of pets and thralls. Not sure what the haters and trolls are imagining there is to think our builds are the problem and not software / hardware.

Haven’t seen anything like what’s on the games intro’s or promo videos/ shots even

If you put as much effort into researching why people say these things as you put into calling them names, maybe you would understand them better.



PS4 server, I will not have access to that one. But for people still good to know which server may not be good to play on due to lag.

Yes rules work, yesterday in server i play one base got teared down everyone now celebrate running naked and full bellies of booze, almost same celebration when berlin wall got teared down, finally we can pass beach without fps drops and so on :smiley: 20 floor big foundation cube wall is gone

in short - new rules are BEST thing since siptah launch :smiley: i am still hyped, even did not cared about that in other server because of stability loss my base got looted by someone who noticed stability loss :smiley:


No they kinda suck, when they are so unspecific, what its to nutch and what resoueses and content is on the wrong side if the border…

Or to do the rules hardore you will be baned direct when you build somthing anyvher sins by do that you will blick a stone or a tree or some other plan´s or animal spawn.

No screenshots of the great celebration? :stuck_out_tongue:

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