Funcom blocked my earlier post regarding Official 1090, building harrasament

Hello again^^!

Since Funcom block my post with videos in them because the clan involved made an complain like a little biatchi :).

I have written to them 2 times now within 1 week and no answer att all from them, no explanation WHAT in the videos inappropriate??

I have now rented my own server but i still have my other account on official 1090 so i can update decay timer and keep building to fuc… up for this clan that have totally screwed the server up :frowning:. The last 3 weeks there is atleast 4-5 clans including my clan who stoped playing in the server Official 1090. I think there is only the 2 clans that have made the building war that is still on the server. Many maaaany more singel player who started to play on Official 1090 since i started for maybe 4 months ago only play for 1-3 days and then they quit.
In my opinion Funcom should NOT have official PvE servers if they dont have different ruling then at PvP servers.
And why cant you Funcom write back to me so i know what in my videos are wrong?? And why dont you send 1 GM to the server and join me for an hour so i can show you what is going on. Dont just think on how many DLCs you can sell to ppl before they quit the game, try to think little more quality then just quantity. The game is good it is very nice graphic but teh coding is not perfect, bug after bug ^^.

You PM/Report the Staff via report/bug tool the Videos. Not Name Shame on Forums.
Not familer fully with closed thread, but like may of other threads that get closed…

“Innocent till proven guilty” sorta thing.

I’m sure with all bugs being gone thru, and under meshing fixes slowly rolling out, it can take time.

No one wants abunch of Ps4/Xbox/Steam message from abunch of randoms angry at them… only find out theres a mistake. XD

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