Make building peace limit

stop banning innocent people that are rebuilding stuff from your advertising videos…because they are too big.
And Patch a building peace limit into the game so people can BUILD WHAT THEY WANT till that limit is reached.
And STOP banning People on a PVP Server because they build a wall around their base , its PVP
you dont want to open your house door and get killed instantly…
and STOP Banning people because they build stuff BEFORE you changed the rules and they cant
understand why they are banned because your eula is not exactly about the build sizes…or REFUND em

a innocent Banned one with over 3000hr playtime…

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a solo player with over 17000 building pieces who has never been banned in almost 4000 hours of playtime because I don’t build anything that would get me banned.


just wait till you get reported…and enjoy

If I went back in time two years and told myself the CE forums were on fire because Funcom
was moderating official servers too aggressively I would not have believed myself.


The problem is not the total amount you build, it is what you build and where.

Putting a piece limit on building doesn’t make sense because it can’t take those factors into account.

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We already have a thread discussing this issue. As far as a limit on building pieces goes, that is a hard no from me. If you want building limits, find or rent a private server.


Stop advertising servers for rent please.
I bought an game and want to play free on officials.
Is it so hard to understand that you cant know whats legit ?
Our bases had no fence stacking , wasnt close to a poi , we just had a wall and how should anyone know
even that is not legal when you read the eula ?
So clarify whats legit or make a limit point and end…
Again build the advertised stuff from newest dlc and get banned for build too big …good job
solution dont buy just the dlc rent a server too to be able to build it…seriously?

Did you use nothing but foundations to make the wall or was it with wall pieces and had towers and gate etc?

Thank you Funcom, for finally enforcing your server rules. The same rules that have been active for years and players have been ignoring and taking advantage of at the expense of other players. I am sincerely pleased to finally see an end to the inconsiderate habits of some of the ‘long time’ players.

Thank you for banning people who build land claim walls with no other purpose than to prevent players from building (trebuchets or whatever) close to them.

Thank you for banning players who cause unbearable amounts of lag on your servers. These players seem to have no respect or regard for others and build as if they own the server. Perhaps these players will finally get the hint that other people play on your servers and deserve to play without undue lag. If they want to build excessively large they can always buy/rent their own servers.

Thank you for updating the verbiage for the rules on your official servers, making them much more clear than ever before. Thank you for providing the Zendesk as well, a place where ‘innocent’ players can inquire about their punishment.

A player who has always followed the spirit of your rules and has never been banned in 3000hr playtime.


there were towers and gates and drawbridges and stairs up to the walls…like real mediaval walls…where you can run up to defend. with a bow …it was a pvp base…

Set the limit to 250 pieces per player in a clan. Solo counts as one.

Maybe its time for the genie to start granting wishes. :genie:

Stop parroting other people’s assumptions. Unless Funcom told you they banned you for building “too big”, you’re just assuming size has anything to do with it, as opposed to what the rules actually say:

Those are some of the actual reasons for getting banned. Size alone is not a factor.

And if you can’t be bothered to think things through, at least try to get informed from one of the many threads already requesting this, instead of creating yet another one. There are many reasons why a building limit won’t solve anything, but they’ve all been talked about ad nauseam. The most recent thread about this is near the top of the post list…

And STOP complaining about not being allowed to spam foundations or stack fence foundations anymore. The PVP meta changed, adapt to it instead of asking for PVE players to pay for your inability to change your playstyle.

And STOP ignoring server messages that announce changes in the rules. Funcom put up a message on the official servers two weeks before the new rules even went into effect. That was months ago, now. You’ve had plenty of time to take action.

Oh, and while we’re at it, STOP asking to be refunded for something you didn’t pay for. You bought the game, and you can still play it. You’re not paying for the access to the official servers – Funcom provides that as a free service and they have rules about how you’re allowed to use that service.

someone who never got banned with over 4000 hours of playtime, and who’s sick of entitled players asking for limits that would wreck other people’s enjoyment of the game because they can’t be bothered to ask for what they really should…

There’s nothing in the EULA about that, at all.

So ask Funcom to clarify what’s legit, instead of requesting a building limit.


I know it’s just a misspelling, but still an interesting idea. Buildings can only have so much peace within them.

Rather fitting too. It is a game all about barbarian savages after all. They’re supposed to be anything but peaceful. And there are so many options for fulfilling this requirement as well, what with demons and undead being part of the world lore. :smiling_imp:


That’s kind of what the purge is for.


I was about to make a very similar joke. Nice one!

I feel the same way! With the exception of banning people on the first offense, I’m with you 100%. Nuking bases… sure, banning on 1st offense? a bit evil IMO.

Yuuup! It causes a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and is just kind of dumb.

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