Official server Domination Territory building limit

I’m alpha on latam server and I have 3 base built, with wall. My question is whether this gives a ban, as an excess of construction. The bases are not closing journey item, boss or resource

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Funcom hasn’t revealed clear defining aspects to what is and isn’t acceptable so lots of folks are confused and many want clear approvals so that they aren’t dealing with their base being destroyed by the administrators…This isn’t going to happen at this time because it’s all about how the server and players are interacting. For instance, you fail to tell us how many people are playing, what is the size of their bases, what is the light sourcing of your bases, how big are they, how many thralls do you have what weapons are you using, etc etc etc. The basics is simply this…does your creation inhibit others from enjoying the game by either blocking off items or lagging the server so that all players have issues. From what I see, they are more concerned with server wide function than localized lags but that could also be dependent on what location it is (IE if your building is lagging the tower on siptah, you will probably get the Funcom Purge Extremus. Unless you want Funcom to start generating building permits (which gawd no…I play to escape reality’s burreacracy), this is the path we are in because truth be told…too many folks are building with no consideration of others playing and because of that, we have to be regulated in some way.


@erjoh is right on lack of information I would assume pvp. However if you supply more information I recommend not mentioning the server name no sense inviting trouble.

Funcom should be possible regarding the construction limit on official pvp server. even because the game’s slogan is survive, dominate and build

life is hard and not always premached
surviving is good , living is better, but sometimes the better can also be the enemy of the good.
it is life, and in life there will be an element of ambiguity, where you have to act with your own emotion and reason.
we player, human hidden behind their distraction tool, we too have our responsibilities, the price of freedom

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he said a lot of things, but in the end he said nothing

with actual politic you can now remove build, and with no build you can remove survival on a pvp server.

well at least if you want to play fair.

because i m not sure they understand message they sent to pvp players, and who is ruling all servers now.

so being alpha is just a title. The “alpha” needs to defend its territory and have “shelters” in reserve. This game is very immersive and brings you a real survival experience. On a pvp server for you to be the “victorious” you need to be very cunning and sometimes immoral. this game defines the beginnings of the human revolution, it is in this game that people really show who they really are

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I refuse to believe you need to be immoral. Cunning? Heck yeah. But if you are clever enough, you don’t need to be immoral because you already planned on others to be immoral to you. So cunning can be a means to maintain morality.

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From what I’ve seen this game can bring out the best and worst in people. That is what I have seen online and read in this forum. With most players failing in the good neighbor category.

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