Would you, 10K block limit

Yes, that subject again. And yes this is a PVE problem; but I have bad news for PVP players :wink:

I love to explore, I’m not a completionist but I want all the recipes, emotes, and POIs on my map lol So I run all over the world and am constantly met by these huge blocks. Not an artistic base, a massive square of blocks just taking up space. These rubics bases often block paths; those darker areas on the ground that run in a line, material nodes, chests, boss spawns, ect I hate reporting people, I really do, but I have lost all patience with these megabuilds. :rage:

Now this is simply a question, Would you play on an official server with a 10K block limit?

You know the devs are going to do something, the easiest thing is to simply set build limits. I’m trying to establish now what you think is fair. So what do you think is fair?

Now if you want to build Rome do it on a private server or single player. On an official server you share the server, have some consideration for your fellow players please. Your magabuild if effecting my game stability.

Share: a part or portion of a larger amount which is divided among a number of people, or to which a number of people contribute.
Most of us learned this in kindergarten, but I think a few have forgotten the lesson.


10k is still an exceedingly generous amount of pieces.

I say that as a builder who’s bases barely hit the 1k mark (if that).

So yes, i’d play on a server with that limit or even half of it.

I’d add that there’s a fine line between creatively handling restrictions (as a builder) and enforced limitation (by Funcom) though.

I generally build a 2 or 3 story hat box with an out door shrine and small animal pens; love those things. I like to build easy access but out of the way. In site of an obelisk but not close to it, and off any path. But I have never counted blocks.

Also while exploring I have seen some of the most beautiful wizard towers, cliff bases, even roman coliseums, in out of the way, off path places. On the server I’m on now there is this nice harrypotteresc cliff castle and I’d hate to cramp that kind of builder.

I would prefer to play with limit, 10k would still be too much. It would be interesting to offer several limits at the same time, unlimited, 10k, 5k, 2k. That way everyone has the advantages and disadvantages in their own hands.

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It really depends on the player… a limit won’t work.

Some small bases of 100 pieces can be more annoying than a base of 5k pieces.
The only thing that has to be done while building is taking other players in consideration.

I don’t mind complete city builds when you’re able to pass through. However I hate the small bases that connect their fishing shack to their base with foundations… a horse can’t jump over them.

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A limit would be guaranteed to affect server performance. Of course, the existing rules should not be eliminated by the limit. Because a few parts can also harass the players.

Hmm, its somewhat the same story as with the follower limit.
Not sure if a building limit makes a difference, the follower limit seems like it didn’t.

It does for the FPS though, big bases often hit PC performance pretty hard.

Its mainly the landmass big bases take, which makes it sometimes hard for other players to move around.

Yes, i would play with this limit with no problem. With the time im learning to build pretty thing with less block in less spaces. However im having the same performance issues. I think that is worth to give this workaround a try, but my expectatives are low, thrall limit when inplemented did not even scrathed the lag, at least on the server i play, but did blocked some abusers like a clan that spammed tons thrall over the map.

It has a significant impact, I play on several different densely built servers. The less built-up ones never have AI/animation glitches. This error also does not appear “Must be placed on a walkable floor”.

There have been times only a few players played this game and it was all performing pretty well.
A few players started turf wars and spammed almost the entire map with placeables and building pieces.

The server wasn’t laggy at that whole time they spammed. And believe me it was very very extreme (they got banned after a few months).

But right now there a lot of players online and it is laggy, not because they build big but because they all interact with the server.

And this is why I think a building limit won’t make much of a difference… :confused:

I would be glad if that is the solution, but I don’t see it work atm.

The limit wouldn’t solve your issue.

A limit in build wouldn’t solve this. The only thing that would is increasing the do not build zones to include these and limit all folks that do play nice or active admin that scour the server for selfish players that take away from the game.

But to your original question…the largest amount I have EVER used in a clan of 7 was 12k. I normally sit at about 6-8k and if solo and pvp, you are looking closer to 0.5-2k. Your terms wouldn’t phase me at all.


While I realize the idea of this post is to gauge interest in amount of a block limit the topic has been discussed ad nauseum on the forum.

There is much evidence that a block limit would negatively affect players as well as not addressing the issues of blocking.

Alternatively the solutions are education of the ToC (doing that currently with MOTD), clarification of those rules, like Erjoh said: active admins, warning system and better servers.

It is an easy conclusion to draw that a build limit is the answer but it is a band aid and much more complex.


On an official server I play on there is a base with 40k pieces. It is right next to/on an iron hotspot. Every time someone approaches it, the server FPS drops to 2-3. And a limit shouldn’t help against something like that? (Support was informed about this weeks ago)

The guys on my server spammed way much more than 40k pieces
I don’t know where you can see the server fps

Enter toggleDebugHud 2 in the console.

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Thanks, I will check this later for sure :+1:t2:


I’m all for adding paths to the no build zones at there present size and increase the size of
no build zones around POIs.

Block limit and redesignating no build zones are not unpopular, now we just need to get Funcom to implement them.

No, I wouldn’t. A simple block limit doesn’t solve any of the problems people complain about. People who insist that a block limit would help are people who don’t understand the issues and haven’t even talked to someone who has experience running and administrating a server.

I don’t have a private server of my own, but I do know a few people who do a great job, and I’ve also played on several servers, both official and private.

I can tell you from personal experience that you can build a castle with 15k blocks that doesn’t screw up the server performance, and that you can build a much smaller (in terms of block count) base that brings the server down to its knees.

I can also tell you what I’ve been told by people who know how to administrate servers: it’s not how many blocks, but which blocks and how they’re arranged. From what I’ve been told, and for reasons I still don’t understand, 2500 sandstone blocks can have a worse impact on server performance than 5000 T2/T3 blocks.

“Popular” is not the same as “correct”. Funcom shouldn’t implement a block limit just because people who don’t know what they’re talking about keep asking for it.


Here’s why a block limit won’t work. Just going to expose the truth of it.

The one’s who are getting banned now, will still get banned with a block limit. Then they’ll claim they were unfairly banned because they were x amount of blocks under.

Because of those being banned unable to take responsibility for their actions is why a block limit isn’t required. The alternative is to simply ban them and ignore them. Which is what FC has been doing.

As for block limits for server performance, you need a universal block limit or a total player (online and offline) limit. Neither of those are fair for the random player trying one of those servers for the first time.

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