PLEDGE: Give us a HARD Block limit/ Placement pieces on Official Servers

Lets stop guessing.


No. I’m not in favor of piece caps.


I’d rather they just upgrade their servers and do away with this nonsense of wiping bases based on size.

knowing funcom the building limit would be like 2k pieces or some stupid


This. 100%. Upgrading the servers would solve 99% of their problems


I’ve only played conan exiles and myth of empires but anyone out there thats played rust, ark or dayz ect do devs wipe bases in those games too? for building too much or is this just a funcom thing

As far as I know, rust servers wipe regularly on a schedule. There’s no concept of “this is my base now and forever.”


They’re scheduled though, right? I played very briefly and the servers I saw all displayed how often they wipe and how old the current server was.

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There are other means to control size.

Make building very expensive un t3 with no límits , like 300 hbricks pero block.

The problem with building is not how many pieces , but how many can be placed in a small área.

You can have 50k building pieces in the entire map , but if those are divided in múltiple different places , it Will not lag server ir cliente

Put all thoset in a single locations and You can put a sign outside saying welcome to lagfest castle.

Maybe Land claims can’t be larger than x by x ?, then add a build block that Will not allow You to build outside the claimed box, and only allow certain number of building done by any given clan by biome . Do this by Making a special claim foundation , this foundation Will mark how Big it is , t3 Will be the one that Will have a larger land claim… Only one of those Master foundation can be placed in any given base.

Most likely implementing something like this sounds difficult and most likely complicated.

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piggy back on this idea…instead of static material costs get exponential material costs. As your clan’s foundations and placeables increase, the material costs for each increases as well.


Rust has a pretty decent solution, I think, with the TC box. You have to place a TC to have an area under your control, the TC has to be “fed” resources to keep it operational, and if it ever runs out, everything starts to decay rapidly IIRC. On top of that, the larger the base, the more resources you have to feed it.

Edit: As an added note, I’ve never actually played rust, but watched a few videos of people who have. My knowledge is 2nd hand at best


If the limit is for players to not abuse one another. Then the building cap would have to be 0.

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This is exactly what needs to be added to Conan.

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I can see it now.
New crafting station where you feed the maintenance materials
New crafter thrall type who impacts the upkeep cost
Upgraded maintenance station that takes up a 3x3x3 cube and due solely to it’s own footprint is only efficient if you have some bizarrely over wrought metropolis in it’s zone of control.

Seriously, I don’t hate this idea.

Build piece limits have been, historically, extremely contentious. Especially as not all pieces burden the server equally. I almost wish we had a stat on all placeables that alerted us to their server load. That way, rather than a build piece limit, there would be a load limit for your clan.

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One reason the frequent wipes work for Rust is the variety of maps.
It keeps things fresh.

With only two maps total, there is only so much variety one can have before everything is fully documented and wipes just create tedium of going back and reclaiming the area you want and rebuild what was wiped.
Also, as memory servers, Rust has a monetization option for advance access to servers. This may have just been the premium pre purchase of the console version tho.
Either way, some cash may give one a leg up.

Another issue about Rust server wipes.
While the builds are all gone, the learned patterns are bound to the account. Which offers a continued feeling of growth. While server transfers for Conan Exiles fills a close to same role, it’s been extremely buggy and that puts a huge dent in it’s viability.

ofc there is but easiest way to this Fun stop banning people!

is making us KNOW what is big.

They made crafting building pieces even faster last patch?

Un-natural fast, move crafting building pieces to a working station, it should take days to make 3000 foundations.

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Terrible idea! Worst possible solution!

There’s about 30 or 40 threads on these forums explaining why. No need to repeat any of that here AGAIN.

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Especially delisted and locked ones. Shows it was actually false.

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Not sure exactly what you mean but they don’t close threads because someone proposes a false axiom. 99.9% of closed threads are closed :closed_lock_with_key: for one of two reasons:

  1. Fighting and bickering. Including scathingly worded rants.
  2. It’s not an issue for forum discussion and needs to be addressed elsewhere - like Zendesk or wherever.

False info like that causes fighting and bickering and for that reason all those need to go to Zendesk, if legit. But since they didn’t. It’s probably not.

That’s extending the logic WAY out into left field… :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially considering the fighting and bickering usually doesn’t even pertain to any of the game mechanics. Mostly it’s some social faux pas that another takes offense to. And also that rants written with an even temperament are almost never locked. Those kinda blow holes in your theory there…