More strict build and thrall rules on official PVE servers

Every official PVE server, especially on SIPTAH looks like this:

  • People spam bases and base fragments.
  • bases are often Monsters of nearly only fundament spamming
  • people like to collect “vehicle parks”. Dozens and dozens of Thralls and animals stand senseless around in areas
  • people build too near to npc structures ,leading often to problems finding a path, and worse those thrall and fundament monsters lead to extreme lag of the enemy npcs
  • people often build and set thralls where npcs spawn. (with the new update this is far less)
  • people spam fish traps, oil presses and ferilizer pits. Sometimes 100 of them in a row.

Most official PVE servers look like this and are to some point nearly unplayable and extremely lagging and unperformant. People behave like people in the most negative way you can interprate it, meaning there should be far more strict rules about where you can build, what you can build and the amount of thralls you have to end this mess. Let’s face it: people behave like d.i.c.k.s. So please have a look at it otherwise official servers become more and more useless and unplayable.


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I totally agree. Although this is difficult to implement, it is possible to make stricter restrictions. I build my base compactly and leave room for other players. I carefully inspect the place so as not to block resources, etc.

My village
Everything is fine… but here’s the problem, when I finish building my village, I find a player settlement that blocks more than 50 % of the entrances from east to west (despite the blocked objects and resources in this zone). I write a complaint and get a fairly quick response (after two days)that the administration receives a lot of complaints about x2 resource harvest. And that my complaint will be considered. After a week and a half, instead of going and exploring new NPC camps and updating the map… I crawl under the walls of this player and realize that no violations were found in the actions of this player. I’ve been playing since this game went into beta and I love this game, but things like this make me leave here and look for others game like Conan until I come back again after a long time.
It’s the politics of the game and you can’t do anything about it!

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sorry for the late reply and thanks for your description and pictures. Yes, the problem is “think big and dominate” is the core of the gameplay which leads to di.cks who just do this. The core game was pvp, there never was a real thought what to do with pve servers where you can’t take down structures as a player…

It is necessary that Funcom thinks about the PVE scene on official servers and put some limitations and rules, otherwise servers will get ever and ever unplayable, cause online players ARE often d.i.c.k.s…

I play at the moment on a Siptah Server, where really massive structures with big walls around them cover complete areas. Those are structires from old clans who don’t play anymore. One of them logs in here and there for a short time to stop decay. It is an enormous territory, unused, senseless, stresses server performance. I have the luck that I built on the Eastern side of the Isle. The western side is nearly a Manhattan city of those old momunmental structures of old clans and players. Sometimes hard to even journey through. On PvP servers you can destroy them, but on PVE people can just troll. Funcom should rellay rethink their “dominate” obsession for PVE players, as they interprete it as: “let’s build everywhere my structures, so I dominate the landscape” which is on PVE in fact just trolling.

Could possibly limit the amount of T4 combat thralls a clan could have active, ie you can only have one Dalinsia Snowhunter deployed, any spare Delinsia clones would need to be stored until the original is destroyed.

My suggestion.

Allow Avatars to damage player built structures, and followers on PVE and PVE-C servers.

This would do a couple of things-
Give utility to Avatars.
Encourage people to build more strategically, using God Bubble to protect key assets, and as a result more compactly.

This probably wouldnt sit well with some folks curremtly in those server environments, the counter to that could be Avatar damage On, Avatar damage Off servers.
This would would allow those that prefer creative/large builds to congregate in one sandbox, while providing others with a sandbox that has a dynamic option to address build follower issues.

Could this be exploited, probably.
But what can’t; a d-bag is gonna be a d-bag, regardless of the tools available.

So they nerfed fishtraps because of the spam and the “server performance” issues. Problem solved.

This would just allow further trolling. Those same d.bags you’re referring to would just use bubbles to protect their own builds and use avatars to destroy even those that are playing sensibly. An upkeep on buildings would limit building size, as who wants to spend copious amounts of time farming just to keep their spam from decaying. The whole purpose of pve and pve-c is that your buildings cannot be targeted. I don’t have a perfect answer but I’m sure the one you’ve suggested is not the one we need.

Believe it or not, about eight months into the game from January 2017 you could kill other players thralls on PVE servers.
There was a huge outcry, and people rage quitting right and left. I know just on my server, there were three people that rage quit, because somebody wiped out their thrall mosh. . . lol.
There was one base very close to the den, and the guys archers would shoot at me every time I went by it, so I wiped out all of his archers, and he rage quit. oOpS

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