Using Follower NPCs to "reserve" land

Hi i just started in Siptah today and found a really great spot to build in. looks like someone else thought the same because they have about 20 followers “Guarding” around the place. I can still build foundations and my sleeping mat etc… is this someone trying to reserve a spot, or trolling? is there anyway to get rid of them? Im on an official PVE server

This is most likely a base was decayed or deleted by admins / suspending the player and the thralls are left in limbo. This is a very common issue with bases being decayed and then leaving floating and standing thralls. I have no idea how long they last though…


They should last up to 15 days if everyone in the clan stopped playing. Unfortunately, if there’s even one clan member logging in, that will refresh the followers. Unlike the buildings, the followers don’t need the players to be within their rendering distance to be refreshed.


If you started today and really want that spot, change server, @Toph . Go there, see if it is vacant. If not, rinse and repeat until you find one.
That’s what I always do when starting a server.
You can out run pretty much everything in the game, so don’t worry too much about getting in trouble, unless you are playing pvp or pve-c. Just keep an eye on the stamina bar. Those dogs can be fast. :wink:


thanks all :slight_smile: as i had only just started, i moved on to a server where this wasnt happening! thanks again :slight_smile:


If it WAS from a ban…be extra careful that it wasn’t because the location despawns npcs or something significant…

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It doesn’t even have to be a spot that blocks in-game content from spawning. All it takes is a well build base against attacks in a spot that someone else wants to build at so they report you for claim spamming and nice Funcom boys come and destroy the base and suspend the clan.

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Im well aware there are other reasons to be banned. But if it was for despawning npcs… a simple check of the area can avoid that before building even begins.

Thrall decay is longer than base decay, so this would happen often. Also, there could be cases where someone is completely unaware there are followers out in the world due to its a clan mate.

When I let my clan mates bases decay last year, and I thought I pulled all their followers that I was keeping for their return (deleted the ones I did not to bother bringing back since there were too many), found a few more in the world of spots I was not aware of a month ago. I had to drag those back or delete them. I went there to check to see what they were and grab the gear if I was deleting them. It was only 4 in one spot and 2 in another spot but still, it would be nice to know there were any out in the world with some kind of heat map. Since no one knows who those followers belong to, and you may not be aware either since you may not know what your clan mates are doing all the time either.

Note: Once you log in, all the followers for the clan, their timers are reset server wide.

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