Selfish players

Ok so I really enjoy playing on the PVE conflict servers but its starting to become B.S.
people I guess think its funny to build there bases around the legendary chests or locations of cut scenes or places you have to go to complete journey steps or completely wall off areas of the game and I wouldn’t mind switching to a PVP server but I really don’t want to start over I personally think conflict servers should have building damage during PVP hours so people will hopefully stop blocking of important aspects of the game

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That would change nothing.

I’ve suggested this before

But I think there should be some large unkillable mob,
like a frost giant on a mammoth

that just patrols around destroying anything blocking a path, lore point, or loot chest

and I also would like some better method of offline raid protection, and 24-7 building damage.
for pvp servers.


The need to mark every boss and legendary chest area as a non build zone.

I am sure they we relook at this. There are so many non build zones already, just add a few more.

I was impressed with one guys auto boss farm. (a base around a boss spawn that had enough thralls so he would shot the boss one and the other thralls would own the boss in about 30 seconds.)

But then he was selling skeleton keys for real life cash…so…


You would be surprised, but this is what FUNCOM actually did not so far ago. They converted PCE-C to PvP, but the OUTCRY from the players on the forums was so high, they changed it back.

Yes, that’s the mentality. FunCom shown they can deal with many of this “unsolvable problems”, with its climbing mechanic, no build areas on thrall camps, decay mechanic, purge, unkillable thralls and many other fixes.

I am sure if we help em realize about which is the problem (screenshots would be useful) they can think about a solution. Or at least, attempt one.

Yep, Im sure they are looking into this. Maybe they can solve it with no build zones. People likes to surrender before fighting, saying it can be fixed, devs know it etc, but its not like that, most of current fixes, which didnt exist on launch or even 6 months ago, came from user feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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