Excessive building pve conflict

Pve c server 3828.

We have clans such as Masons of crom building and landlocking 75% of the map. The community needs a way to fight back so we dont have to message and complain to the devs.

My suggestion to this is to give us building destruction during pvp hours 1 day a week and with this the server community can clean up abandoned thralls excessive building etc. Give the players the tools to fix these issues.

Once a week pvp time only allow building destruction. It will also increase player activity to maintain there structures and also give advantage to active clans instead of giving advantage to clans with 1 member building everywhere in the map. We also have people blocking resources and obelisks. We need a way to stop this give us this easy simple fix.

Building destruction during PVP once a week.


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It most certainly would. As a matter of fact, if you have a clan that controls 75% of the map, guess what’s going to happen if they can suddenly damage other people’s buildings?

That particular server sounds like a toxic place that should be left to die. Once everyone else leaves, the trolls get bored after a while and leave, and the server has a chance to heal.

Not that I’m against the idea of limited form of PVP, but I’m definitely against the idea of time-boxed PVP. There needs to be a better mechanism.

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We already have pvp 6 hours a day in the conflict servers, why not allow building destruction once a week so we could clean up the toxic behaviour as a community and let the devs focus on other issues. Its very frustrating watching 1 guy build a highway throughout the entire map leaving the rest of the community with no option to prevent it from happening. If we had 1 day a week for 6 hours to “purge” eachother land claims would shift from player to player or clan to clan and being active will actually be a thing. Its not fair that some people are not active and they control entire map while others organize and spend 100s of hours and we have to ask permission to harvest brimstone. We need a tool to fix this and i stand with 1 day a week during pvp which is 6 hours of the entire day to have the ability to destroy thralls and buildings. Let us clean the toxic behaviour. Some of these people belong in single player if they are not active and want to lock down salt flats there should be a way to fight back. Im not asking for pvp server settings. I think once a week for only 6 hours allow us to clean our server from abandoned o

I would like to remind everyone that what they suggest is a pvp xd server. everything that happens in pve with construction is due to the fact that currently apart from building there is nothing else to do in pve or pve conflic.

I think they should implement more options for pve and pvp like real trade and things like that, because the only difference between pvp and pve is the impossibility of damaging buildings.
and the problem of land reclamation and the creation of gigantic bases damaging the game to other players is the same in all pvp and pve servers

Another big problem is when players leave the server and followers and pets remain on the map


[quote=“Anunbs, post:5, topic:101450”]
I think they should implement more options for pve and pvp like real trade
[/quote] would luv that 8D

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This has been discussed to many times and we have had some great ideas and arguments

Great ideas but the thread is closed. How about a global purge event where you have simultaneous purges on multiple locations attacking the big bases? Or attacking the alpha clan?

We already have purges that can spawned in the middle of your build if they do build “unassailable” bases.

Asian servers are the worst. You have trolls everywhere, putting foundations and pillars just to land clai especially in siptah.

Me being in Asia can’t play us or eu servers due to ping. That leaves me to either private or oceanic, which isn’t saying alot anyway.

It’s great the game is so free with its building, but some do exploit it, or at least don’t think of others and build all over the map. The age of the came now is getting to the point where this can become a real problem on some servers.

I think perhaps putting a radial limit on how large one can build, foundation to foundation, could work. It would stlil be quite a large distance allowing for some huge bases, but it would stop one player/s building in multiple places all over the map.

Something should be done, it’s really becoming a problem. If players want to build all over the map, choose making their own servers with own rules is the way to do. Due to player behaviour there seems there needs to besome restrictions implemented on the official servers.