PVE Conflict(Please explain)

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Can someone please explain what PVE conflict is.I don’t know anything about these things.

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Hey FunTimeBm!

A PvE Conflict server is a middle-ground between PvP and PvE. On a PvE Conflict server players can fight and kill each other at certain times during the day (5pm - 11pm local server time), but building damage is completely turned off, so you can’t destroy another player’s stuff.

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How does this affect Thralls, who are Fighters and Archers?


Is it fun to play pve conflict server or not.I play just the pve server.Also can you raid the bases

Can only raid bases(destroy) in PVP.

It tended to be but isn’t anymore the fact is simple, players are cancer since they cannot raid you or win a fight against you they simply wall you in, preventing you from getting resources, expanding your base and so on.

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I agree Conflict servers were great for a while, then a bunch of trolls moved in. PvE trolls are the worst, there’s not much you can do to combat them. I’ve moved on to a private PvP server but I’m bummed I really like my build on the conflict server I was on, I invested alot of hours in that server.

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Why can players only fight between certain hours, what sorcery is this? Wouldnt it be better to have pve jolly co op, pvp building damage, pvp no building damage? If someones only avilable between 5 and 11… hes still got to farm stuff. If someones available all day and night he can farm whenever and just troll between 5 and 11.

I think conflict servers could be improved if they were PvP no building damage and no item drop on death, so we have 24/7 pvp. Like a lot of players on my server I’ve spent most of my time grinding and building so I haven’t reached level cap yet, but a lot of other players have spent time exploring and building there characters for pvp. Now I’m getting jumped by higher level players that kill me and jack my $hit. I don’t mind getting beat up, but replacing my gear all the time sucks. I’ve used a yellow lotus potion to reabuild my characters stats, so I can defend myself better, I’ll see how that worksout.

Also get jumped by 2 or more in prime time, see one the next day cant do anything