PVE Conflict. Im lovin it :)



Hello Funcom buddies, hello Conans.
I just want to say that im back from Early Access to a super cool made game, bought all 3 DLC`s and im enjoying it alot. And the PVE Conflict…best idea you can come up with…I hope you guys DONT have any dumb ideas to change this. Thank you. Keep up the good work guys.
P.S. A reply would be appreciated.


I know of no current plans to change how PVE Conflict operates (or to suddenly change PVE-C to PVP servers, like during the early days of official launch, eek). Happy to hear you are having fun though!


What is PvE conflict? I mean the “conflict” part, I know what PvE is lol.


It means your buildings can’t blow up from players ever, but you can kill each other during set times.


Ahhh ok, I get it. Thanks for the timely response!


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate. I just love the idea of PVP and not losing my base :slight_smile:


I agree, and play only pve-c now.

Especially now after the decay system is kickin in ob both thralls and buildings one soon can enjoy the open landscape and place your dram castle on earlyer taken places, mostly by thralls.

I like where we are heading at the moment:)


Nice said :smiley:


The only problem is when you several players who treat these servers as their own personal offline servers.


There are no plans to harm any of our PVE-C servers :slight_smile:


Yeah we have one of these on “my” server, too. Builds walls around other players’ bases, imprisons sleeping bodies if found out in the world, builds a one-foundation-thick umbilical all along the rivers so no-one else can build there, that kinda thing.

Of course they do not have the courage to play on a PVP server where people can fight back.

Of all the many players who call the server home, it just takes one selfish a–hole like this to poison the whole server. But unfortunately there’s nothing much one can do as there’s no support on these servers.

Maybe Purges were supposed to combat this, but in practice - it doesn’t.


Never happend to me never though about it… but now i am :))
I think the only way to fix this is maybe a Game Master to be called and rescue you.


Yeah, if only those existed, eh?


Well Tascha is here sooo…maybe maybe :smiley: ?


ON all private servers there are admins, a private server do not start and uppdate by it self.

Usually admins use discord or other means of communication these days, and its really easy for admin to fix these things, and kick people.

Before you spend many hours on a private server, why not investigate a bit first?
There are many serious admins out there, and id say all of them love to have their server popular, so dont give up on this, there are many many admins that care.

On official its another story, and a “No build zone” should be implemented arround important land marks for sure, but if you log out in the wild you will most certainly die anyways, and respawn in desert.

Its just to go from there, ive done this many times.

In fact ive killed myself by hunger or thirst a few times just to get mooved to the desert or my bed, wich should be in a safe spot, why not do that if youre trapped by these fools?

Also, if you get auto ressed in desert, but want to ress in bed at base, just climb up, fall and die, ress in bed or base after that, i dont see the problem, as when you are safe again the revenge can be planned on the server.
Allthough its a pve-c server one can instakill players in that clan if they are online, it may also be an idea to build a few low blocks in those areas so it may not happen, or at least not be so easy to grief for them.


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It would be nice if you found a solution to griefers who build their base over an entire Obelisk on PVE-C servers.


That is exactly what just happened to our awesome community…a few griefers have ruined it for EVERYONE…so are good players left to different servers all this past 2 weeks. It’s sad that we can’t have nice things because of some juveniles. The architecture on our server was AMAZING!


I see players can build way to close to my base so increasing the radius around your buildings so other players cannot build would be a good idea.


PVE-C kinda reminds me of The Purge - The Movie…everything is so beautiful and everybody like each other until … The Purge comes :rofl: … Cool