Exploitation? Or allowed?

I noticed on some servers people are building bases on top of land marks . Like dungeons. Skulker’s end . I forgot the server cause I unfavorited it . The lag was unbelievable with the massive builds with so many thralls . I play on pve servers and enjoy playing. Is it really allowed to build in these places? I mean i usually can’t .strong text

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Some land marks do not allow building others do their is alot of posts about the official servers rules. People do get banned for irresponsible building we avoid blocking places of interest and such not worth the risk.

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Ahh yea to be honest I try to read everything but I don’t alway retain the info . i try to nit complain about people’s builds tbh . I mean I always build for functionality personally . Plus i know i am not talented in that way . I just wonder why i go from smooth gameplay to rubberbanding when I get near massive bases with about 30+ thralls and pets . Sorry for my typing i have sausage fingers it seems

Also this server was the worst there has to be a ton of bases and i froze few times once at skulker’s and noticed 2 bases on top of the temple. I almost died . So as i was underneath waiting to spill blood . I froze again till the lid cane open . i would play on private server but i kinda don’t wanna lose all my stuff if I die . Lol

Greetings! Feel free to reach out to our Help center when in need of clarification of the Official servers guidelines.