Interesting Dilemma, Need Advice

Hello everyone!

I got a situation with a Clan (do not know the player’s name), and want to know what’s everyone’s thoughts on it.

I have built a pretty large base in Exile Lands with a perimeter wall and towers. It’s large enough that there is space for someone to build in the open terrain inside.

And that’s what this Clan did.

They built a small house in what is my lawn and are clearly doing it to troll me.

I am curious if there is anything I can do about this behavior and what is the community’s thoughts on this?

Looking over the terms of conduct, it seems it is vague enough to be interpreted arbitrarily from person to person.

Happy to answer questions, looking forward to hearing some thoughts. Thanks!

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By the sounds of it you may be guilty of land claiming if your base is that big… Just a thought, eh?

But we need more details, and preferably photos, to see what we’re dealing with here. Is it a PvP server, or a PvE / Pve (C) server?


Yeah absolutely. I’ll get some screenshots in a sec.

I was also wondering the same thing about the land claim. I’ve been planted over on Messenger’s Respite for a couple years. I used to keep the gates open but closed them, but closed them some months ago over the very thing that just happened.

Granted this happened after I closed my gates.

I play on a PVE official server.

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Here are the screenshots:


Nice looking base. Don’t know if it is too big or not suprised that they weren’t blocked by your land claim. How do they get in over your walls? Be interested in what happens if they get a purge. Perhaps you could get in touch with them and help them move. If that is there wheel of pain How can they drag a thrall in.

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Those walls look fairly easy to get past actually. :wink:


Thanks for the compliment. I actually had not completed the base as it was a slow build over time and life happens along with Siptah lol

Honestly I had a large chunk of wall missing in the back until a couple of days ago lol

It piqued my curiosity and reinforced some areas to prevent access but i can easily say that some friends have seen as a challenge and circumvented those defenses in interesting ways.

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Some of the more interesting entrances is one friend climbed that giant tree from the swamp and hero dove into my base. managed to catch the lip of an awning and survived. Impressive really.


Interesting suggestion! In this case, since they are on my lawn, what would you consider? lol


Looking at the palm trees proximity to structures, the land claim radius may be small, allowing other players to build within the perimeter.


I did a check on the gap (the area around to check land claim) by the offending site, but you are right. There is possibility for more actions like that. Thanks for pointing that out!

Find how close you can place a foundation near their structure and build an inner wall to discourage a shanty town popping up.

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Well it’s not looking like you are spamming but they got their way in. I would seal them into your courtyard and then just wait till the decay timers do their thing.


Exactly what I was thinking. I am actually in process of raising all my walls, removing any trees (minus that swamp tree) and install as many anti-climb measures coming in… and out >:)

My only real downside here is if they are only logging to keep it refreshed then I kinda am s.o.l.

Assuming Funcom looks at this behavior and is okay with it, it could also put me in a weird place where any measure I take could work against me.

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Due to the surprisingly huge land claim he has in my base, the best I can do is convert my base to make it as anti-climb as possible.

I’d build a nice little garden around them (so they cant expand their claim) and welcome them as my personal garden hermits. People of the 18th century would have paid for that! :yum:
You have a tea house in the middle of your gorgeous palace now and the staff comes inclusive.
If their tea is bad and they have bad work ethics, just wall them in.
I don’t think funcom would do anything in that situation.


Yeah but that would be a specially dedicated troll that would continuously try to jump in and reset timers to suicide out. Treat it as a learning opportunity then and figure out where the weakness is and adapt to keep them out. Eventually they will bore and leave it to die. In the mean time just use it as a decoration. Obviously if this is PVP, blow it out of the water and do so quickly as this is a raid point for them.


I like your idea there. I was wondering what I wanted to add to flesh out my interior space. A garden tea house suggestion would definitely fit with the aesthetic. Thanks for the suggestion!

Only thing better than that is they submit their unconditional surrender. I would consider mercy then lol

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Unfortunately, I have encountered some people like that. I have to admit, accepting this as a learning opportunity may be the only option to be honest.

This is one of those moments where I did wish it was pvp. But then I would have been targeted a long time ago just for how I build.

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