Report Threats by Clan that cannot invade us

My Clan has built a wall around our base. Our whole number of building pieces is 22000.
The problem is that a bunch of players “from Sipta” arrived and attacked almost all clans in the server. Ours is giving a lot of defensive fight. Mostly because of our wall, and corridor.

The thing is, this guys already got other clans reported. And this time they accused us of building too much. They’ve even accused us of undermashing. Which is priceless, since no clan can find their base and they’ve been bodysafeing. And we are clearly visible.

We are a bit worried, since our base is just well protected. Nowadays it seems we can’t even protect ourselfs and we risk to be banned.

What is actually the criteria? And how do you find if someone is undermashing?

My mates already said. If we get banned we’ll just unsinstal Conan.


The “actual criteria” are somewhat at the discretion of the server admin.
If your build impacts server performance it is an issue (but that’s completely opaque for Playstation users, as the PS4 already struggles to run the game and it’s not easy to tell whether it is your connection, your system, or the server that is having an issue).
If it blocks any resource or npc spawns it can be an issue. This is something of a catch all because tufts of grass, trees, and stone are technically resource spawns.
If there is space between your main base and the perimeter wall it is an issue, no enclosed yards allowed.
If you have any empty buildings it can be punishable. All structures must serve a practical purpose or they can be considered building spam.

But if you want hard numbers, there are none.
Several threads about this appear in general chat as well, with response from one of the server admins on officials who benevolently provided examples of builds that are not allowed.


From my experience if a clan really wants to get you banned you will get banned. For some reason I still play even after getting banned 4 times now. Every single time we try to stay within some sort of vague rule but alas it doesn’t matter. I recommend putting you valuables in a couple boxes that are connected to a permanent structure or mountain ext. that seems to be the only thing left once crom comes in and wipes you. Good luck


Where is the build bar? i have never noticed it

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This game is starting to become a pain in the %&&.

We built. We’ve been careful. And now a clan that considers itself as “server wipers”, because they can´t get in, just reports us?

This transfer mechanic is cool but it ruined the game a lot.
But the building rules are the worst. Do you want me to remove the doors also? Maybe place all the machines at open area, no walls. Basically who builds is constantly being harmed by game “pseudo rules”. If the game let’s it, it’s fancom fault, not ours.
If we get wiped because of a building rules report. me and most of my clan will just leave.


It is pretty unbelievable. Most clans don’t play anymore due to this issue. Most get banned once then don’t come back. The ones who come back really enjoy the combat and competitive gameplay but the cons are very much starting to out weigh the pros. Many have posted similar story’s but usually get shot down by someone saying “you must be going against tos” what they fail to understand is we as players obviously don’t know what’s allowed anymore. Years of barely banning hackers and cheaters… now banning builders


So True.

I’ve met plenty of clans doing fishy things. Multiple accounts, always changing names and characters. Transferring a lot of stuff between servers.

But yeah, build too much (or enough) so you can actually defend yourself and you’re the toxic one.


there have been two clans on my server that were banned over their defensive walls but unlike when i got banned the admin only removed their walls and gave them a 15 day ban. we got our entire base deleted and a 30 day ban. the first one that got banned should not have, their wall was about 3-4 foundations away from their base and their base was small maybe 10x30 at the most. the other clan had a wall about 20 foundations away that had so many holes in it that it really made no sense. you have about 2 days from the time the ban kicks in from the time the admins delete your wall, so if they only remove your wall you should go full encumbrence and pick up everything you can then upload your character on that server so you don’t lose everything. your stuff is going to decay and get picked clean if you don’t and at least you might have some gear and resources for your comeback in 15 or 30 days


Good to know.
My case is in an official. I wonder if I can have a defensive wall around my base, or just leave the doors open.
Really sad this game became this complicated. Rules outside of the game’s mechanics are just moronic.

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You can have defensive structures but really the best thing to do in Conan is build so it’s obvious you are respecting the players. That’s not saying roll over on your back and unlock your vaults but it’s ensuring you give proper distance to any of the game items and world bosses. It means keeping the memory intensive stuff (like lighting) to a minimum. It means not creating an eyesore and build with the scenery in mind. It means not creating spam or land claim to just land claim (and yes I know…there isn’t a clear definition between spam and defensive wall but your build should show obvious intent of a defensive wall vs spam)


Very easy to say but not very easy to do my friend


Yep. That’s why builders are a thing and just as valuable to a clan as the warriors.

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Yesterday I found their base, and today we’ve got them. Totally wiped. I even found their body-safes. They had a bunch of Siptha stuff they brought to exile lands.

Now they’ll for sure report us. But they were actually placing stuff hidden in game structures.
Funny how they accused us of stuff they were actually doing.

Should have reported them to at least get it on record you, your clan name, and theirs so it would show as retaliation for them to report.


Yeahp. I’ve done it right now.
I’m not interested in banishments, but I’ve requested them to have some sort of service where we can ask if our bases are legal or not. Which makes more sense than banning people like crazy because players that can’t raid, feel frustated and then Report as a way to get revenge.


Completly useless. Fancom requests a location in the map. They have zero bases. They just transfer, raid and threaten people with reports.

Unless I give mine so they ckeck if my base is ok.

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Aaaand… our base got wiped by fancom. Right after we beat the the toxic clan.
Fancom really screwed this game. Totally wiped, just the chests and thralls remain.

I don’t even know why… I supose it was because of the defensive wall.

So now, a clan of nobodies fails to raid, because they are weak, complain and threaten us, because our base is too strong, saying we must tear down walls so they can raid us.

We wipe them and all their pseudos that came from siptha. Aaaand fancom wipes our base.
More one server geting empty and emptier by the day.

My only regret is that I’ve bought the dlcs. You guys don’t deserve one cent from me and my clan.

No need to build. Just transfer and raid. If you can’t… just report. F.U. fancom.

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