Finding enemy clans, help

I have spent so much time trying to find this clan… ran around for ages with foundation to check for land claims. Check YouTube for spots i might not know about and asked people on the server if they know where these guys are.

What more can i do? Any tips?

What did they do to deserve to be reported?

What dose that mean? I don’t get it, what happened?

You mean building near the barriers? I though you die outside the map. Im so sry i dont know what undermeshing is. Is it bad? What dose it do?

Apparently there are ways to build and otherwise access areas under the map (“undermeshing”) as well as beyond the green wall. Both of these are against the rules.

@Yasunga: Although you may be correct in your assumptions, it’s also possible that this “enemy clan” has simply found a clever, hard-to-reach spot for their base, or maybe they don’t have a permanent base. Not everyone is automatically a rulebreaker.

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Thanks for explaining that to me, I really didn’t know. Sounds bad and glich inducing. Also thanks for telling me about it yasunga, I hope you, yasunga and hiddengem have a beautiful night or day.

So you know where the clan HiddenGem is looking for is hiding? In your earlier post you said “they might be building outside of the map or undermeshing”. That sounded like speculation.

It’s good to report them, with evidence as you have done.

Even if it looks like they aren’t dealt with directly, without quality reports the devs have no hope of ever crushing undermeshing. Look forward to the future where the exploiters will be whining as their hidden spaces are destroyed with patches…

Im not saying they are cheating tho. Im just desperate to get some tips to finding people. Might have been something i havent thought about. I `ve ran around with a foundation to check for landclaim etc.

I truly do not hope these guys are cheating.

Look up all the outside map zones/inside dungeon zones that are buildable, I had a similar experience last time I played conan, I found the exploiters in the well of skelos dungeon building outside map. Use youtube and look up Flyhacks youtube he has the areas you will be looking for. Gl though these exploiters are pathetic and dont give up… I learnt the hard way the game is better left alone.

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