If i find an undermesh base, how do i report it? (Official PvP 1111)



I just started on official server 1111 PC PvP mode, and i instantly ran into an undermesh base with 2 vaults inside a mountain, how do i even report this? Will it help? Have anyone ever reported someone and funcom/gportal actually took action?

Please help!

This or DM a community manager directly here on the forums.

which clan and where is it ?

clan “!!!”

and the location ? we need to make screenshot and exact location to send to Community Managers. We had the same problem with an clan named “friendly clan” 1 month ago on this #1111. They got wiped by Funcom after reporting all the situation with screenshots and proof. It was fast. Funcom is doing some good job now to act when we gave them enough proofs. :slight_smile:

F3 location! 2 Vaults inside the mountain

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