Report: Undermesh base on #1130


Server: Official #1130
Location on Map : C9
Reason: Undermesh base
Details: Managed to find a base under the mesh and screenshot it with coordinates. Ownership is also weird - empty - which indicates a use of nbsp character - bug that was fixed in May.

Edit: removed personal reference


Due to such actions, this game loses its meaning: / but you can see the service has it somewhere …

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it actually breaks the tos of the forum since you are expecting funcom to actualyl do their jobs. and the cheesecake princesses that are in charge of abusing the flags had to shut you up. welcome to funcom my friend. welcome to what many of us had to deal with since day 1


My original post was reported as spam as well, and trust me, I didn’t cross the guidelines either. I edited just so that there are no uncertainties.

youll ge reported no matter how many times you add layers of sugarcoat you add

Take what @WanderingJarlPuncher says with a grain of salt, since here let me clear things up for you both, wording is important, since due to us being on a form where we only can type and we all can’t hear each other’s voices it is best we all make sure that our wording is as non hostile or non trollish as possible.

Since I have read your OP and found that there is no reason for your post to be flagged I can say that since I only flag posts that either are hostile to everyone, spam ads, or trolling but I make sure before doing so none the less as to not make a mistake or silence someone with concerns, which means it was not me, but there has been some tense things going on in the community lately since the last patch, so my guess is everyone is feeling tense but a lot of people are not Chessecake princesses that want to shut you up, many people have their own concerns and opinions that are actually very nice and also they can be friendly and helpful.

Another reason could be that this may have been the wrong place to submit your report, since this kind of thing belongs in the bug reports section, though don’t worry you can ask a moderator to bring it over to the bug reports section if you wanted to, since that may solve things.

All in all, just trying to help out fellow players with understanding things so there isn’t any confusion

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people use flag when it bothers them. its also a tool to downvote. and so far everything related to exposing issues has been flagged.

Sadly I have seen that happen on both sides from hearing things they don’t like to just trying to annoy the hell out of people, since it does seem like it has annoyed you quite a bit, the best solution is to ignore them, since the flag can easily be removed with just even the smallest of changes to your post, if someone was to flag me as a test, all I could do is remove or add something and my post would be back unflagged.

@Hrukk12 Well, lurking the forum I have seen that tension.

The way I understood it, that section was for reporting new bugs found in game, relevant to gameplay regardless. I wasn’t sure it’s the right place for reporting “abuse” that’s server specific. If that is the case however I am all for moving this post to the right section.

Another place is in players helping players, where you can report the exploit that has happened in your server.

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