Complaints on exiles

Thank you all for your feed back we have undemesh in our room and funcom does seem to care. We are on day 5 of the cheats being allowed to log in and live behind green wall and reset their mesh. We are hoping to post good news.

What are your feelings about cheaters. Now that we know not to mention any names.

Fire orbs baby. Let us burn them out. Or gas them.

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I posted the clans name on our that is undermeshed. I asked how long it takes funcom to respond. A lot of people say they range from 4 days to a week but the guy who responded to my question said months.

I am tracking people’s complaints and seeing what the average is.

If everyone shares their experience than we can understand how the complaints work.

I reported an undermesh and it was all done with in a week and the clan had a ban.

This clan is undermeshed on several servers and built behind the green wall

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Please use our Zendesk platform to report official server infractions:


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