Complaints on exiles again

Day 5 of clans on exiles denying service. They can raid but cannot be raided back.

Tracking the complaints and the results. We are thinking of starting a player community and another Facebook so the players can post dates they made complaints and how long the process took and dates issues were settled.

I was told not to use clan names and I didn’t on My last post and it was closed. Any advice on why we are not supposed to have conversations here.

We just want funcom to succeed and help them track the cheaters that deny their paying customers access to what everyone is paying for.

As long as there is a cheat we should be talking and problems solving. Things should be public. The honest won’ t mind


Your supposed to contact zendesk not the forums, that’s probably why it was deleted, all things like that should be forwarded to Zendesk


As @HrothgarFrosthound stated, all reports of cheating is to be done via Zendesk. It is clearly stated and not hard to figure out. File your claim there and provide as much evidence as you can so they can preform a proper investigation. Any tread about such things on the forums WILL get closed.


Though I agree that cheaters are pond scum, the “Naming and Shaming” policy is actually a good rule, since without it, the forums would be turned into a playground screaming match with no real purpose.


Yes we used the

Conversations are welcome. Pointing fingers at specific clans or players isn’t. Funcom wants to avoid this forum turning into a liability and there are few things that become a liability faster than the online equivalent of Salem witch trials.

TL;DR: Conversation is not the same thing as naming names.

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Yes we used zendesk. I was hoping to just have a conversation about the topic. Now that I understand not to mention the clan names. Why can’t we discuss the problems? This is where we will meet other people who are going through this situation and can add thoughts to the situation.

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Once my complaints is investigated and the problem solved I will move on but I just want people’s input. I didn’t mention anyone this time but rather looking for smart people. If players are denied a service they paid for isn’t that a liability?

Don’t see the point in this thread. Your report was made, Funcom will address it as appropriate.

I was hoping to talk with other people that have similar situations and get their feed back. Seems everyone who encounters the cheats screams at funcom and quits. I just want document the experience and collect people’s stories. Players helping players. That’s the point

Multigun did nothing wrong. He did not say anything demeaning or disrespectful and there is no reason for you to act like an ass and start name calling.


As a woman I find it hard to be heard so if people are talking and helping each other understand than hopefully we can enjoy the game. I really appreciate the conversation because it will be sad if funcom winds up with no customer base. I love their game but can’t stand cheaters and exploits. One of the cheats laughed at me and said he has friends that work at funcom so they get first hand exploits. Those are the things funcom should be aware of. That’s why it’s important to talk


Yes, it is. But you didn’t pay for playing on official servers. Nobody did.

They don’t. I’ve seen some forum posts about cheaters being banned. More importantly, I’ve seen plenty of forum posts from people who still play despite the cheaters. They might not be happy about it, but they keep fighting.

Last, but not the least, a lot of people who encounter cheaters on the official servers simply move to private servers.

That actually sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, it won’t survive in these forums, because even if you are prepared to keep it neutral and as objective as possible, others won’t. People will pile into the thread to post stuff that will get it closed.

Let’s think about this for a moment: you’re talking to someone who has already proven their lack of integrity by cheating and boasting about it. Are you sure you want to believe their words?


Ohh I don’t believe that was the point lol. Disgusted the lies they spread and how they try and trick people like myself.

I don’t see any reason topics like this can’t exist so long as naming and shaming isn’t involved. Perhaps people are so quick to dismiss it, as witch hunts can develop quickly as a result of a topic like this, but that doesn’t have to be the necessary result.

I too have fought against, beat, and lost to cheaters in my time in CE. I think I can empathize with how you feel. When undermeshing was really rampant it was especially demoralizing. Zendesk may not work as fast as I would like, but there is evidence that it does work. So hopefully they address your issues ASAP and you can get back to the good life of being an exile.


You gonna try and tar me with that same brush? The OP posted an almost identical topic and it was closed. Multi’s response is what anyone who’s tired of topic spam should say.

Are you saying you’re in favor of topic spam? Because frankly, “complaining to the manager because my unpaid service is taking too long” threads shouldn’t be reposted.

My two cents Kitt. I have 5,900 hours on Official Servers. I don’t think a week or two is too long to endure to have a toxic clan permanently banned.

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This isn’t spam this is a conversation and if we don’t know what to expect we don’t learn. Everyone has an experience to share and if you don’t want to be apart of it don’t, but to close a thread that isn’t in any violation isn’t right either. My first couple were and because of these conversations I know know how to talk in the forum with other players who want to help me and don’t consider what I have to say is spam.

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What does it mean? What’s stopping you from raiding them?

They are in a mesh so we don’t want to break the rules.