A player exploiting the exessive spam banning of clans on server

The server in which my husband and i play on has a bitter griefer. His clan was banned for a week a couple weeks ago, along with 2 other clans.
His clan has now returned and he is turning in every clan on the server for “exessive land claims”. 4 clans have been banned in the last 48 hrs. He had a twitch session tonight during pvp ( we are on a pve-c server) and in his twitch he said funcom sponsered him and he was admin for them. He stated it was strategic to report the clans you want banned so you can steal their stuff once the ban hits them. He spoke on twitch live of players he got “banned”, mentioned their clan names and laughed because funcom did every ban he wanted done.
I do know there are fair and reasonable rules for banning a clan, however, his behaviour has been awful. He blames everyone for why he was banned, he said live, he wants all the big bases banned because they have the best loot. Ive read the rules and the was a mention of if someone reports excessively, they could be banned for this…does anyone keep track of how many times someone makes reports? He also has made threatening comments. What recourse do we have? He is killing player base on server, attacking and killing low level players and demanding anyone he kills to tell everyone hes the best and the “king of the north”.
Help us survive this troll Funcom, you’re our only hope…


What, pray tell, is his twitch? Is this on XBOX?

Brazen Fate. Yes, xbox.

Unfortunately, people abusing the report feature has been a thing for… many years at this point. I don’t know who’s answering these reports or why, but it’s very unlikely to change.


Makes me very sad to hear this. Ive played since day one beta and i love this game, why people wish to destroy it is beyond me.

Funcom most likely knows about this issues and have become very lazy in investigating and responding to appeals. It seems the only thing that works all the time is the bazaar and battlepass. God forbid those elements glitch or get abused.


Having a real hard time buying any of that.

It’s Saturday Deacon, let it be or you’ll end uo being accused as a moron in here. Read, laugh and pass!


Been retired for years, Saturday is just another day :wink:


… in paradise. All the goofy, paradox, x file stories that’s growing every weekend… The usual!

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@Suthainn I’m afraid that posting in general discussions isn’t going to get you any help. Perhaps making your own Zendesk report especially if you could link your conversation with the guy so that they could see proof.


What exactly though?

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Since the server is on Funcom’s radar already and there’s an increase in reports, you’re gonna have a bad time.

You won’t be able to save yourself by asking for help from Funcom OR a Zendesk ticket.

You need to take it into your own hands and that might mean a bit of a break on that server.

Here’s what I would do:

Dismantle the entire building(s) and save 6 chests for a BV. Or if you have enough “good” loot for more, a second set.

Bring an alt into clan and pass leadership to it.

Bodyvault the prepared loot. If you know you know - I’d say more but hackers on PC like info.

Once the BV(s) are safe the alt kicks everyone from clan.

Then there’s further options, remake character or watch what happens, maybe the alt only gets affected.


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A lot of your playthroughs have been ruined by spam reports iirc

Huge fan of your work, btw

I’d also recommend sending these Twitch streams, assuming they’re saved on Twitch, to Funcom. There’s obvious hostility there. Doubt they’ll do much, but it wouldn’t hurt.


Stop playin on official servers :speaking_head:


I watched a bit of it and got bored out of my mind. He mostly talks about how fair and great he is but I had to run for some errands.

Wouldn’t hurt to send something if it’s actually in any of the multiple saved streams I saw. But I doubt it would matter. Last time I submitted a report for report threats with evidence I receive a curt dismissal.


Sorry to hear about the serial reporter being a troll and reporting everyone. Sounds like everyone on the server was getting along fine up till that point. Its odd though, I keep hearing about how these people dont exist, but here we are again.

Best recommendation would be to link the twitch video of him saying that in a report to Zendesk as others have mentioned. Likely wont lead to anything, but you never know.

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No one has ever said they don’t exist. Of coarse in your world nothing exists between all and nothing. You’ve established that quite well.

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