Spamming entire map

Is it ok for one clan to spam foundations with tree branches with nothing on them going across an entire map? I’m on a PVC server and over the past few months this tribe has made the server almost unplayable… blocking walls with nothing on either side… they seem to only be doing it to ensure nobody can build and that’s fine. But more resent has been excessive to the point where you can’t build in multiple full lines across the map… what can we do?

Welcome to the club, the most well mannered person on this forum is probably gonna tell you “move to private servers”. Sorry mate.

Sad, but true.


You have two options:

  1. Move to another server

  2. Wait until they get bored and leave.

Me, when I was on a server where a similar thing was happening, I left. Found a better server and spent more time having fun than annoyed.


I agree with q9c9p you may wanna move private where things like this are more moderated and can be handled… Sorry to hear that someone is being a tool but thats survival games as a whole.

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Fyi “move to another server” is funcoms offical stance!!! Lol if your on offical they wont do anything unless someone walls off content (meaning no access at all) like the spawn desert. You need to PAY for a private server to be able to apply funcoms offical rules yourself. Harassment? Pay them. Land claim griefing? Pay them. Extortion (which is a crime in america and something I went through for 2 months on a offical ps4 pve server)? Pay them. Since funcom refused to support a customer I reported the clan in question to sony and within a week they stopped getting on as I assume they were banned via sony.

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