Clans takeing over the map

I don’t want to be that guy,. But, i have been looking for a ser er to solo on, nearly every one the Alpha clan has locked down obelisk and passes to new asguard, and the mounds of the dead. Have the deves considered a way to limit how a clan can make walls across the whole map? Like building limitations of some kind. Its frestrating when i cant get star metal, or silent legion armor resepies because a clan has build a baracade across the whole map. Or arond an obelisk…

Is it PvE or PvP? If it’s PvP I think you just blow their stuff up. If it’s PvE blocking other players out is griefing. I’m not familiar with how active funcom is but it seems they do something based on what I have read on these forums.

Honestly I think that they should restrict building too close to dungeons / obelisks. This is why I don’t play online after quite a few things I’ve read. When you completely restrict resources from other players you ruin the experience for them and drive them away from the game. It’s one thing if you’re a big clan to have a large flat area of a map that doesn’t block or destroy resources (there are several places like this available) owned but it’s another entirely to take it away from everyone else.

you cant report a clan for building massively its part of the game.

However if they are truly blocking game content then report them the admins will ban and delete the offending structure.

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No, on PVP you can not just blow their stuff up. This is the problem.

It cost a lot of time and farming to destroy T3 foundations and they will rebuild it very easily in fews minutes.

So you can not destroy walls or foundations spam that way.


Yes, and on top of that now you have a clan of lvl 60s looking to wipe me as an alone lvl 40.

Agreed…16-20 bombs to take out 1 T3 foundation.
so 800-1000 steel fire to destroy 3 steel fire.

That is why we need limit on occupied area

Yes some good solutions. I just feel, and i could be wrong. 50 blocks from a center piece in each direction is a lot. But you cantclose off an obelisk or build a wall compleatly around mounds of the dead. Or shattered springs. Since you cant build in the center. It would take mlre than 50 to make ot around. As for obelisk if you were not aloud to build 50 vlocks from oblisks they would not be able to.
In the wild, i can build 100x100 base if i wanted. But i could not wall off parts of the map.
I don’t know, nor do i have a sugestion on how to fix it. These are just ideas.

That’s why a lot of people asking for either

  1. Annual server wipe on official PVP servers
  2. Limit building capabilities
  3. Limit buildings around critical resources and points.

Problem is all the toxic ‘‘Im alpha on the server keyboard warriors’’ saying ‘‘Oh it’s PVP just blow it up’’

Ohhmmm how the hell am I suppose to blow it up if

  1. Can’t get to resources to make a bomb
  2. There is like a hundred foundation, do they actually realize how many bombs I will need?
  3. I blow it up, they re build it in a matter of minutes??? At what point am I be able to play the game if all I can do going around wasting resources and bombs on foundations that’s been spammed all around the map??

I’m with you on this, even tho our clan considered almost an ‘‘alpha’’ (we are second in line), we hate it when someone closing or spamming foundations. We don’t do that and the server we on is in pretty good shape.


Sadly this very thing is why I’ve always been reluctant to do any online play. It’s also what’s driven me from MMO’s over the years. One group of people gets really good either due to amount of free time to play online and learn every mechanic that can be exploited and then abused which they use to drive other players away so they can “have fun”. Or they block resources that you either have to side with them to gain said resources or you get nothing. Things like that aren’t fun.

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I made a post about what I think they should do it would cover what you have said they are doing. It would make servers self regulate to prevent things like this from happening.

already tired of these server cleaning messages. If there is time to whine on the forum, then there is time to build a catapult and bombs. everywhere there is a place where you can stick a catapult and break it. And you, as children, are whining that they put a wall for you

and you need a lot of resources to build a catapult? everywhere there is a place to put it on a hill and protect it with spikes

Compared to how easy they are to destroy, yes. You not only have to build the catapult, you have to build T3 around it, raise it far enough to you hopefully can get shots off before they spam explosive arrows to take it out. Plus the crafting time makes it a sitting duck experiece as you wait for the parts to craft.

And posting 100 words is far less time than farming and crafting to take out massive land spam.

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Now hang on buddy, let’s turn down the attitude shall we
1.If you tired of these post why do you commenting on it? Just ignore it and move one.
2. I was simply expressed my opinion on the topic and what I believe could be a solution to bring balance in to the game.
3 As I said we keep our server clean!
4. If you read TOS, you should know that spamming foundations for no other reason to claim land (and I think that’s what this topic about) is against the TOS. Full stop period, you cannot change that and twist it by saying ‘‘oh just blow it up or build a catapult’’.
5. As I mentioned above at what point a player can actually enjoy a game if all they do running around building catapults and blowing walls up that they NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE at the first place???
6. I entitled to express my opinion on this topic just as you are, calling someone a children, without actually knowledge of the person or their age, is exactly a definition of childish behavior.
7.This is exactly the kind of behavior of a person who will build walls around everything because guess what? The only reason you can get away with it is because there is no admins on official servers. If it’s not such a big deal as you say it is, why do you think they won’t allow this kind of behavior on private servers??

Instead of getting aggressive and defensive state your case and opinion in a respectful and normal way. If you are capable to do so.


well said

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Annual wipe? Ok, what if you started 2 weeks before this judgement day? I would not buy this game if annual wipes on off. servers were in action.

Hey now, some people struggle with writing.

What do you do if you’re on a PVE server? On the server I play, three clans have blocked massive chunks of Northern area where T4, thralls, and horses spawn, with huge sprawling bases, that make it almost impossible to cross that area. These three clans have also spammed the hell out of the Savannah region with foundations, so elephants, and rhinos won’t spawn.

You can’t damage, or destroy other players constructions on a PVE server, so you;re solution for my situation is worthless. Btw I play on a PVE server cause I thought I wouldn’t have to play with arrogant ■■■■■■ like you, who ruin the fun of MMO games.