Clans blocking resources w/structures - PVP Official #1210

Server: PVP Official #1210
Clans abusing structures: EternalKingdom , Tribunal

Since I can’t upload images as a new user I’ll just explain here and then you can see the screenshots on imgur.

The first clan: EternalKingdom, is blocking the sinkhole with spikey half walls and also blocking the obelisk near it with tier 3 foundations and spikey walls. It’s also planning to build a giant wall to block the entrance to the tundra zone by repairing the already existing ruins.

The second clan: Tribunal, is blocking the spawn of sulfur with foundations, also blocking the obelisk near the sulfur lake partially (probably a work in progress) and also built a gigantic bridge which isn’t a problem but I must say it’s pretty impressive.

/sqlhIqG (imgur code, add at end of url)

You are on pvp… Not saying its cool I am wondering why you just breaking their bs down? Meanwhile PVE and PVE-C deal with this and they have NO WAY to fix it. You have every ingame resource at your disposal to eliminate the issue yourself.

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Yes but why should I waste time and resources on enforcing the law if it shouldn’t be allowed from the beginning

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100% correct. Just saying u have options where as the other 2 servers do not. Imagine how much it sucks over there :frowning:

BTW in extreme situation you can msg exploit hunters with proof. be detailed. they do help. if its extreme.

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