PVE-C = lore blocking, resource blocking, foundation spamming

hi fellow Exiles

Just a moan about a PVE-C server I’ve played about 500 hours on. There’s a player who has blocked much of noob river and then from there extended his base out with bridges into the Jungle zone, the Highlands and even out to the Volcano. Asgard is totally messed up with zigzag foundations. The builds all look terrible as well in T1, just cutting across the landscape taking up build spots. Some of his bases block lorestones as well, with no way in. Several clans have left the server due to this guy. He has also built close to other clans bases to prevent their expansion. He must have a lot of hours in the game to have the mats to do this but it’s just ruining the game and I’ve started playing offline now, and just login to save my structures from decay. Any solutions? It’s 1039.

Play PvP or other server or private PvE-C.

As long as he doesnt block the starter arena, Funcom doesnt care. Yeah, even on PvE or PvE-C where other players can do nothing against land-claim-spam.

This happens when there is no moderation of servers.

@smashtime are you on ps4 or XBOX?

You have to catch them early and watch them like on my official server a guy has snake foundations all along the noob river but he stopped at a certain point and he was careful not to despawn anything plus he added ramps for those who wanted to catch thralls they could use them but at first we thought he was going to go towards the jungle 2 other clans and myself were watching him and were rdy to block him if he did I personally made 1k foundations and was rdy but he stopped I’m guessing he just wanted to connected his 3 bases so they would all share the same decay time time has passed and he’s never tried to expand anywhere so we stopped watching him all remains cool

Can NPCs/monsters damage buildings in PVE-C? If so, lure a rocknose to his foundations. I had an entire base wiped out one time because some guy thought he was a comedian and lured the New Asagarth Rocknose over. That was last year though, I don’t know if the damage has changed in PVE.

if all he uses is sandstone just lure your purge over there and wipe them out.

if all he uses is sandstone just lure your purge over there and wipe them out.

Care to elaborate?

This is fairly common in PvEC servers and its the only way for us to deal with others buildings. Instead of killing your purge have them chase you to his foundations. Stand on top of his whatever… They will attack his building to try and get to you. This is one of the reasons I tell people never build with sandstone. If I was to take my higher level purge from up north I can wipe a whole sandstone base in about 5mins. if you don’t kill your purge they normally last 20mins.

Have to try that :slight_smile:

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