#1822 PVE-C Sandstone foundation walls and spam


Apologies for the wrong tags but we have an issue that is ruining the gameplay for almost everyone. In the server, we have a clan called “9 to5ish” formerly known as “Hagshack5” making walls all over the map. They intentionally make walls around player bases and try to block them in with it. This forced players to put up their own “walls” to keep them out but that hardly works. One wall is located near New Asagarth, another being near our location in the bottom right hand corner of G10, near the northern Aqueduct. They’ve blocked off an entrance from the savanna to the north, I believe. Around the mound has massive walls as well and the sinkhole is just wall spam for days.

Not only that, they’ve been blocking spawns as well. These walls also cause major lag and the only time my clan ever sees a decent enough ping is when everyone is offline. Players are leaving because of this and it’s ruining the experience for everyone. Could someone help us? If a video is needed, I will try getting one.

Thanks in advance!

Valid concern, but the details should be sent via DM to one of funcom staff. Click on one of the Funcom’s staff, Hugo or Ignasis. There, on the popup, you can send a message to them.

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I am another member of the PVE-C Official server #1822. What Yashie is saying is unfortunately true and there is a clan that goes by the name of 9 to 5ish (Previously Hagshack5, they change their name often) who has been spam building foundations, spikes, beehives, pillars and ceiling literally all over the map to prevent movement for other players, circling other people’s bases, causing lag, blocking spawns and causing general grief and frustration for all other members of this server. Not to mention the spam building looks horrendous and kills immersion.

I took a break from Conan for a year and returned to try out the new horse riding feature and to introduce my friends to it. Since I was already level 60 in this server, i thought this would be a great server to return to. Yet that dream was cut short by this new dilemma.

These walls are huge and are in many more locations than just my base. These buildings span nearly every region of the map and they’re only continuing this practice. The rest of the server says that this has been a year in progress. The two main people from this clan “9 to 5ish” are on a near daily basis, their names are Mom and Giles. All they do from my experience is spam build, nothing else. I was told by other members of the server that they are doing the same to other official servers. They don’t say anything or engage in any of the game’s content aside from getting on and spam build.

I know Funcom’s official statement that they lack the resources to regulate and the go to answers most people say: “Join another server.” or “Ignore them.” But please listen, I have spent many hours on this server, I made great friends and awesome memories from this particular server. Its like seeing my home destroyed and seeing all my friends get harassed by these griefers who are taking advantage of a mechanic designed to protect players… friends who have spent many hours creating these beautiful works of art that don’t hinder anyone’s movement and even help people… all go to waste by two people who just log in to spam build and for no other purpose than to grief.

I support Funcom and I love Conan Exiles and wish to continue playing their games and buying DLCs to support them but can we just have some type of Admin look into this server and take 10 minutes out of their day to look at the damage being done? Once you see the extremely long spans of sandstone spiral into a network of blockades throughout the map, its quite obvious to see what this clan is doing and will continue to do. I feel like when I am told to move to another server or that Funcom just doesn’t have the time to look into this address it that I am the one being penalized for bringing to attention an issue, instead of these griefers who face 0 repercussions on taking advantage of no damage buildings and harassing others.

I will send any evidence you guys need. Pictures, videos, whatever to prove what I am saying is true. Please, can’t someone help us with this issue? I doubt it will take a long time.

Can confirm… My pretty castle has just been surrounded by ugly sandstone walls and impeding movement… Please help us with this foundation spam cancer on our server! I’ve put over 100 hours in here, already and I’m one of the new guys! Save 1822 PVE-C!

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Hugo Help us!
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