Clan surrounding obelisks, sources and bases. Harassment and griefing

Hi, my name is Antony. I’m playing conan on the Official Server #1977, South America server PVE-C.
I’m playing on it and making lots of friends, but it appears that a clan comming pro PVP came to the server and tried to viralise it. You see, I’m playing the game at that server since day 2 of it’s foundation, at least 4 months by now. The Clan, Cesinha Exiles came to it and came to kill everyone, but that’s from the game, we like it and it’s good. But now they start building around obelisks and bases like mine. With that, the PING of the server goes to 1000 and me and other players cannot play a good game since their policy is 2: first they don’t care because they say the game allows to surround bases and obelisks. Second: ■■■■■■ don’t do nothing even if we report. So all the players are asking me to do this report. I took screen shots of the conversations and IDs because I really want see that the second part isn’t true. You can see by yourself and i ask respectfully for you to see this issue. Thanks for the great game and God bless you for this gift.
Their IDs are:
damaciosart - nickname AW
Shyni - nick Shyni
The JopZ - nick JopZ
Amateur Specialist - nick ALT PLAYER

Ps: by now, you must have at least 5 other reports of this issue, and more are to come.

The name over there that is hidden is F-u-n-c-o-m. Sorry for the reply, but not my words, and the players already made the reports, some with pictures. Thanks. PVE-C will have lots of those :frowning: and it’s a pity, since we have players since day one that gave up playing. If we wanted to do that I know we would be reported so I’m most thankful for the forum. I’m still playing :smiley: since like Jurassic Park would say: life always finds a way :smile: not an wasy one, but a way

come read

What is that now? Aren’t we allowed to type Funcom anymore in a very forum hold by Funcom itself??? Is Funcom now a bad word??? Is that a crime to name it?? Veeeeeryyy funny isn’t it? Besides the man isn’t lieing: Funcom really does nothing either to fix the game issues and server performance nor to moderate them servers. Beware: no matter how hard you will try, you’ll have no help from FUNCOM.

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Is it possible that he has changed the NC by CK, by accident?

I’ve been playing on official servers a bit and always you rind the massive sprawl of land claims. I recently quit a server after I explored the eastern ocean and discovered the sea floor was completely covered in foundations and vaults.

This isn’t building a base, this is laying waste to a large proportion of the map. I’m going back to the private servers I’m used to… but I am thinking, is there some simple heuristic which can prevent stuff like this?

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Pvp? Just destruct the buildings

The problem with that is that farming the mats to destroy take significantly more time and effort than farming the mats to build. Foundation griefing the server is a thing.

I would like to politely point to the many patches (15 an average per platform since release) that we deployed to address bugs, performance, exploits or to add free new mechanics and updates.
I also feel it’s unjustified to say that “you’ll have no help from funcom”. We have been and are constantly working to improve the game experience in all areas. :slight_smile:

On another note, I have no idea why funcom would be censored :hushed:


The building system is part of the game’s mechanics. We’ve looked into options to address it by adjusting the decay system shortly after release for example. Unfortunately it’s not really that easy to address properly. For example, making the no-building area around obelisks bigger would just make people build further out around them.

It’s a downside of the freedom you have with our building system and us allowing players to literally build almost everywhere without hardly any limitations. I am really sorry though that you encounter the type of players who find pleasure in ruining other’s fun. There is also more info about our stance on this here.

What happened on our server: whole server worked together to totally destroy these players… they are usually a minority of the player base. Make alliances against the persons who annoy all.

I’ve thought a bit about how to fix this, ideally without require any or much actual coding.

The best thing I can come up with is tying the decay timer to something other than being rendered by an owner and it’s size and tier. My suggestion would be to tie the decay timer to some interactable placeable which is contiguous with the structure. e.g. a door, a gate, a bench, a thrall, a thrall pot etc. So the timer resets not when the object is rendered, but when the object is interacted with. So open a door, drink from a well, put food in a thrall pot, open a chest or vault.

I would also make decay timers very short for structures which don’t have any interactable objects. This means you need to put some interactable and easily destroyed object for those stairs you built for a short cut. Finally I would also use the thrall pot range to break large objects up into smaller pieces so to build a green to green wall in the abandoned highway area you’d have to build some interactable and easily destroyed object every 38 blocks (or less if you want to make it higher)

This way, you could clear a foundation spam i the brimstone flats by simply destroying the interactable object and hten preventing a new one from being built by force. And then you could demolish it 24 hrs or so later.

It’s a downside of the freedom you have with our building system and us allowing players to literally build almost everywhere without hardly any limitations.

This response is disgusting. Fix your damn servers, get rid of griefers.

I am sorry you feel this way. What exactly in my answer do you have issues with?

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The fact that you implied that it isn’t Funcom’s responsibility and duty to fix any of this.

You have players that are literally ruining entire servers with no recourse (Either because players are duping resources making it easy to repair damage done, or because they’re PVE servers where you can’t destroy their walls). So a Clan comes in, they wall off EVERY Obelisk, and your server is now crap and useless… and the official response is “well, we can’t fix everything, players have freedom and having completely useless servers that are unplayable is the price”.

That’s b.s. - Find a solution. Fix your junk, Funcom.

(Incidentally this is why I only play on Private servers - because then player admins can do Funcom’s job for them.)

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The problem with restricting the area around an obelisk is not easy to solve. What if i want a base close to the obelisk, and cant put up a defense wall because i am too close to the no build area? First answer is to say “Then build farther away”. But how is that different than someone saying, “You will have to travel normal instead of using the obelisk to fast travel”?

One solution, if it is not too late, is for multiple clans to claim a side. This will prevent it from being blocked, as claim overlaps would leave gaps.

and for the comment:
(Incidentally this is why I only play on Private servers - because then player admins can do Funcom’s job for them.)

Having someone admin is great. Not an easy job.

What if you decided to build really close to God’s claw. Not necessarily blocking it, but just so you can mine it every respawn during 4 hours a day, peak time? And the majority of the server gets upset because people in that area can’t get iron without having to travel farther away than they usually do. So admin gives you 24 hours to move, or base will be wiped? Would you just move?

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You won’t like this response, either.

It’s a balance. If 10 whack jobs come and join a server with the sole intention of locking it down and destroying it, you will either need to 1) engage and fight with them, or 2) move on to a different server.

The reality is that when a bunch of whack jobs do that, and successfully lock down, the players will migrate and go elsewhere. To a different official server that isn’t locked down, or to a private server that has rules and admins to address the whack jobs.

The life cycle that transpires is they lock it down, everyone moves out, and eventually the lockers will get bored, and their stuff will decay.

When you see this kind of behavior, clan up, or work to unite the community against the whack jobs. Or, find a private server with a moderated community that better suits your gaming style. I believe that the current iteration of PvP on official servers adequately fits Funcom’s game vision here. I do not think that they have any “junk” to fix in this topic. shrug

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I agree with 100%. On PVE-C, almost impossible once the whack jobs get dug in. On PVP, obviously war time is upon us. And there is abig difference, PVP at least, of things like blocking obbies for defensive purposes, and spamming and trolling all obbs. I have been on 2 servers. 1 as a merc, and the other as part of the big clan (Don’t like alpha term).
AS a merc, there was a balnce between trolling the traget, and ■■■■■■■ off the server. Tried to not piss off server, as our goal was to remove the whack job big clan. would defeat our goal.

As a Big Clan guy, try and identify the whack jobs early and eradicate before an infestation happened. Again, hard to do, as sometimes innocent noobs could get mis identified. Over time it gets easier to identify, but no bodies perfect:/

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The problem here is that we have tribes and people literally spamming a whole region with foundations and your company basically says…sorry, can’t do anything about it. It is YOUR server, but you guys wash your hands of anything that happens on them.

The entire Savanah on Official #1650 is being blocked by foundations, animals and resources…EVERYTHING. I have screenshots of it all if you want to see them, but judging by your responses here, I don’t think you guys care about it. Which really is sad for a game company to say to their paying customers. If that is the attitude from your company, the free market will be the ultimate judge.

Time to move servers bro. Or all out war wipe them from the server in a bad way get the whole server to help shi t I might ask my clan if we should take a peak lol my server is light people and I need a break from farming pets and thralls