Limit area occupied by buildings on PVE(C)

Too much of wilderness made into useless inert decorations on PVE© official servers. You can go adventuring into wild areas, but nobody (most of the times creator included) can interact with those “art objects” or pillars daisy chains. I propose to limit how much of CLOSED area of killed resource spawn player’s buildings can affect.

A huge “city”, pillars spam field or closed circuit of walls with anything inside are equal, only outer dimensions taken for calculation. If those buildings are not closed, but a U-shape built adjacent to ghostfence, it should be counted as closed circuit.

This way a reasonably big base with daisy chain pillars to obelisk (to prevent being walled off by next Great Chinese Wall) will be counted as area of base and the daisy chain.

Limit should be strict, unlike the “soft limit” on thrall number, for it will be easy for unappreciated artists unite and build yet another theme park to show off how many DLC they own and then leave this “clan” for a single groundkeepr.
If anyone can’t live without theme park building on official server let them build it in fashion of Tower of Babel, which is very artistic and will give “Tower of Elephant” yet another meaning.

Those who gone beyond limit should be disabled to build or be charged with insane upkeep cost in resources (something properly artistic like dozens of dragon heads).
To calculate this limit I propose count how much area need to be occupied for all god’s altars, big wheel and big animal pen, multiplied by 2.

I believe this will be good for all players, unappriciated artists included, for those who like to adventure in wild environment will get the environment, and all other will get new artistic challenges to compete among themselves.

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Need a limit of buildings !!! it’s impossible to play normally because of the 2-3 idiots littering the whole map with their own garbage !!!

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