Bulding limitation

Almost every server is plagued by incredible amount of buildings. That would be fine if we a) had severs and game engine that can take it b) in pve-c we had a way to deal with that.

I suggest a simple solution that could also provide a challenge for people. I think that buildings should be limited around some sort of totem, each clan/ person has 1-2 totems max that allow you to claim land and place buildings. That way you have to be careful to choose your location and you wont overload the server.

Also it could create new things to do in PvE-C as the buildings in the totem area could still be considered “immortal objects” however outside you would still be allowed to build but the buildings would be 24/7 destructible, thus giving people option to still bomb someone from time to time but not grief their pretty main bases. People would essentialy build a main base around their totem and then some PvP castles for fun. How does that sound?

that could be achieved they would need to rewrite their land claim code , i would approve such a thing actually. like main building and then outpost that are destroyable so that it would be fun and less anti grief and player would know that their most valuable assest are protected but still able to have fun. its a nice cushion effect and if they play their card right they can even use totem as a overlapper checker with land claim to make sure there a pathway in between them to allow passage way. Also this totem should increase size based on total clan member is in the clan

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