Should there be a limit to building?

People have suggested before that there should be a limit to how many vaults a single person or clan can build, but what if there was a limit to how many of everything you can place in the world?

The only rule is that certain building pieces should share the same limit in order to avoid, say, buildings full of windows instead of regular walls. Foundations, wedge foundations and ceiling should all have a shared limit, but 2 wedges should be worth 1 foundation instead of having a 1:1 ratio. Similarly, windows, walls and doorways should also have a shared limit, with the exception of sloped walls counting for half a complete wall. Same should apply to roof pieces.

Also, clans should have a building limit dependent on the number of members they have. For example, clans of 4 people should be able to build as many things as 4 individuals could build separately.

This limit should discourage griefing in a more impactful way than decay timers. You’d have to choose between having enough materials to build something big, or wasting your limited resources to build a giant wall that blocks access to certain areas of the game or claiming land just cause.

This should help with server load, as well as put a stop to those ridiculously enormous castles that are so unfathomably large that nobody in their right mind would even attempt to raid them. I’m talking about things so big that could probably take up all the space inside unnamed city. It shouldn’t be possible to build something that big on public servers, especially since wipes aren’t a thing.

So… thoughts?

Only if it a server setting not a global variable.

I’m playing in SP/co-op and limiting building of any kind would simply…suck. I want to build my Stygian city, my husband wants his wooden village by the lake and we both work on an icy fortress, who knows what we will come up with next? Limiting the number of things we can build would scare us away for good - and I refuse to belive we are the only ones playing for the fun of building things :wink:

But if it was something an admin of a server can switch than why not. You don’t want people building too much and clutter up the place? You set a limit. Or you choose an official server which has said limit.

Building decay could also be a thing but it would need to be handled well - I would be pissed if I came back and my pyramid is down because the foundations fell apart. It takes weeks to build that thing :stuck_out_tongue:

And by all means, vault limit should be a thing as well :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I absolutely agree with you there that there shouldn’t be a limit in single player or co-op. That would definitely suck for everybody. Having it as a server setting is a great idea for those that just want to build things. We wouldn’t want to punish creative people just because some players like to grief their servers and bully everyone else into quitting.

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