Limit building pieces per clan

I suggest to add a server setting where you can limit building pieces per clan/player as you can do with thralls. It will make life of admins on private servers a bit easier and can limit toxic land claim on official servers.
I can understand when people claim to prevent building of trebuchets, but building in 1/3 of the map, building walls around entire cities just to be a dush is disgusting.
And of course server performance and all that will just benefit.


This here, yes yes yes. If you want to build the chinese wall in 1:1 scale ingame, one could so so in single player.

I already propose this too, they do not listen.

On officials servers, who are public servers we need some limits for thralls, animals, building pieces, land claim … so everyone can play and to avoid toxic players.

If someone want to build more, there is solo or private servers.


This again. It’s been proposed countless times before and debated to hell and back.

There are two ways to do this. One is a hard cap, which means a fixed numerical limit of N building blocks, or foundations, or however you want to measure it. That number N can be a function of the clan size, but the main feature of this solution is that you simply can’t place more than N pieces. It functions like the follower cap.

The other way is a soft cap. It’s where you come up with a system that doesn’t limit the number of pieces, but rather creates a force that works to limit building and scales up with the number of pieces you use.

Some examples of soft cap solution include:

  • an upkeep system: you have to keep paying the cost of your buildings somehow
  • decay timer changes: if you exceed a certain threshold, your max decay timer goes down
  • punitive purges: the bigger your build, the more often you’ll get purged and the less often it will be humans

Here’s why we’re all wasting our breath here: hard cap won’t get implemented or activated, and soft cap is too costly for them to implement.

Seriously, just look at the follower cap. The code is there. It’s been there for months and they still haven’t activated it on official servers. Hell, I’ve done a full 180° turn myself, starting as one of the most vocal opponents of it and ending up asking them to activate it. That’s why I believe a hard cap is a no-go.

And I’m glad hard cap is a no-go, because it’s a horrible solution. A soft cap would be much better, because it’s flexible and it enriches a game, and it still imposes a certain threshold that you can’t exceed, only that threshold is different for people with different priorities. But a soft cap system simply won’t get implemented, because of its complexity and Funcom’s priorities.

Look at their track record. Whenever they can, they’ll opt for the cheapest possible solution they can get away with. That’s what you do when you have a small team anyway, but I have a feeling Funcom management takes it even farther than that. We’re simply not getting a soft cap on building.

So yeah, sorry to rain on your parade, but it’s neither the first time nor the last time people proposed this and I don’t see any reason to believe the outcome will be different this time around.


Ok, but after a limit, enough is enough with all theses bugs, problems … peoples just want to play a working game.

So on evening after get back to work, instead of launching ConanSandbox.exe, you launch ****.exe or ***********.exe. Problem solved.

This evening stats are at 13k and continue to drop.

Will they understand one day?

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They don’t need to activate hard building cap on official servers but just give such opportunity to private servers Admins. Make code and leave it alone, that would be enough.

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No thx go make private server stop cry about big claim.
Go raid it if you have problem stop qq in forum. U want they make t3 too t1 hp so u can easy raid ? What more u want nerf game

You can’t raid on PVE and PVE-C servers.

Broski’s will never comprehend. Raid or Die fools. Conan 4 Life. Ha, some of you go to work while I dominate virtual worlds.

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I agree. Yes please.

Me and other 10 modders did that already.

Building it coded in the game will be the same nightmare it was when they limited followers.

If you are playing in a private server, the admin can limit build in several ways already, and mod it. Console players have a hard time with mods, but well, you get what you bargain for in public servers. If people want to make the great wall in there, why shouldnt they ? The same way you want your right to limit, they want the right to be free.

Honestly, people lack the courtesy of thinking the developer side when “they dont hear”. Devs often hear you, they just hear you and those who disagree with you, and choose to compromise doing things for you or for them in a way “the most” are happy with the result. That always means, like all democracy means, no one will be completely satisfied ever, but most will be partially so. That is what freedom and rights brings people, the balance of what you can and what you tolerate collectively so most people generally enjoy their time.

If you want something that many will not like, as I do often, you just make your private server and rule out everything.

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Developers can actually introduce two type of offical servers ; restricted servers and servers with no restrictions. So players can choose. We have only a single choice for the Offical servers that caters one side of the playerbase right now which has no restrictions for building and constrcution size and amount.

I would certainly move to an official restricted server, if it existed. As a note,right now one of my characters plays at a private server with restriction mode.

In Siptah you kinda can currently, using that method I’ve described elsewhere (and which I, for the record, consider an exploit albeit one it’d be hard to prove people were using malignantly).

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