Server Setting: building limits per clan

After reading about various griefing problems and massive overbuilding of areas, it seems to me that it might be a good feature to have in server settings, where you can limit clans on how many building pieces and placeables can be used.

There could be many factors linked to it. Bigger clans get bigger limits. Higher levels get bigger limits (discourage someone spam adding new alts and deleting them).

Limits could be enabled, disabled and have a slider to determine what those limits are.

If official servers started using the limits, it could help reduce a lot of area lag and possibly prevent clans from trying to block off all the obelisks.

Probably a good idea to do this for pets and thralls too. I had some serious thrall sprawl, but ran around collecting pets and thralls and threw them into about 10 chests. Running around in my bases is much more efficient now. Containers are working better. Seems the more junk I have sprawled around, the more trouble I have getting containers to show their contents.

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Who needs 20.000 foundations? Just one example.
This should be an option though, to enable turning it off. (Default for solo: off)
The officials actually need it the most. (Eigher massive anti-raid-landclaim or griefing/trolling.)

I dislike the idea of granting bigger clans/further progressed players a higher number too, for the same reason.

However, if one sets it to… 1.000? foundations per owner, that’s a massive mainbase and one/two outposts. Seems fair enough to me.

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Mh true. Thats bad for anyone who likes to decorate. I highly prefer a limit on foundations including fencefoundations and pillars, as both grant stability too.

The foundations, fence foundations and pillars (anythnig that creates structure stability) could be the target for limiting, but that only stops the griefing and not the area object spam/lag that happens with 10 story buildings, loaded with decorations, walls, etc. That is why I thought an overall limit might be good.

I love decorations personally. Been vocal about getting them added into Yamatai and Frontier DLCs, but they for sure cause lag, which is apparently one of the reasons Funcom didn’t add them into the two newest DLCs. So if it improves performance for all, maybe it is not a bad thing to have some official servers with limits, where players can knowingly join the server and expect raiding enemy bases to run much more smoothly.

I don’t PvP ever, so for me and my server, I would have no limits, other than player self imposed.

One of the best suggestions yet! Trolls are populating all over the world map! And the lag is annoying

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