Activate the follower cap

Please activate the follower cap on the official servers. The performance of certain official servers running the Exiled Lands map is horrible (server FPS 2-4, ping 700-1020) whenever someone happens to run into the render distance of certain bases chock-full of thralls and pets.

The follower cap was introduced as a performance measure and it turns out that Funcom was right. So let’s take that final step and activate it. Please.


Yes please. I 2nd this.


Is the cap still not active? Have I been sleeping? haha
I already swept the ground with my thralls

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No, it isn’t. After all the discussion, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the back-and-forth, and the scramble to clean up the follower count to be under the cap, it never got activated.

And now there are new clans on the servers, who haven’t even heard of the cap, and their bases are lagging the hell out of the servers where they set up. :frowning_face:

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Obelisk travel is always a fun surprise when someone puts the queens around it. The follower cap would stop it even if still possible.

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