Follower Cap limit

Game mode: [Online PVP]
Problem: [Follower Cap, server rendering]
Region: [United States]

[I was wondering if there was any update on when the follower cap would go into effect on official servers? When it does will there be a menu showing how many thralls your clan has? And I’m not sure that amount of thralls have much to do with server issues, I had hundreds and hundreds of thralls at my base before the update and have deleted all of them since the update and I get kicked or have trouble logging in now more than ever, and that’s after the 25gb fix (after the update but before the fix I couldn’t even login at all). Not that I want to place that many thralls again but it’s just a thought to consider on why these official servers are so taxed.]

Not yet. Supposedly they are adding a counter but I fear it will be put in as the limit goes live which won’t be a great help. I couldn’t agree more.

Hello @Jkburt01, we have no further news to share in regards to the limit enforcement going live on the official servers at this time.

I have also deleted 3-400 thralls around my compound and noticed no improvement in gameplay or reduction in crashs.

We have a 6 -8.grid base and as soon as we deleted the skeletons I noticed a massive improvement… I still do single player before every online game and clear cache when I can :+1::+1::+1:

This may sound dumb but what do you mean by clear cache?

Shut down your XBox, unplug it from the power source, then hold down the main button for 15-20 seconds. Plug it back in and start it up, you should see the green Xbox logo screen before it goes to your home screen.

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Clearing your Xbox One’s cache can often help clear temporary problems that are causing connection or game-launch issues

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