Conan follower cap limited to 3

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Basically my girlfriend and I were playing in the Sunken City when we got this message saying we had too many followers and we had to get rid of 15 of our followers. ( we only have 18 followers) This new cap it decided to give us is limiting our thrall count to 3, and I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue and had a way to fix it. I am aware that the cap is 50 and an additional 5 for every person in the clan but it shouldn’t be 3 for us.

Strange, I don’t believe the cap is live yet.

I wonder if one of your settings got changed. But since you’re on single player, you can turn the cap off completely.

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Is this on an official server, private, or co-op? Check the server settings and see if it was changed off the standard limit

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You guys are lifesavers. Already got the problem fixed my switching the server settings. Thank you so much guys!

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