Build piece limit

I have seen bases and talked to many clan leaders and there are a few with over 30.000 build pieces on one map with a couple of bases .
Come in that is obviously a overbuild.

There is no justification in a base over a 12000
Build piece .

I have experimented with this and found over a 15000 piece build gives a few second lag because of base must render in .

And plus if you have players building to close to one another it makes bad lag .

There needs to be .
1 a mandatory build limit that server owners can set on there servers .
2 there is a build claim distance but the default needs to be higher .
And that will not max out no further after land is claimed .
3 only one land claim per clan .
4 no permanent builds .
5 introduction of prison cage wagons that can haul up to 8 people per wagon and clans can have two wagons per clan .
That will stop the land claim crisis at the surge location .

I can run a surge I have the shinings to do it but no spot to take my thralls a wagon will stop this BS .

And trails on the maps cannot be built on a no build zone .

Just wish we could discuss this with Funcom cause I can build a nice base under 13000 pieces no excuse for players overbuild .
And I have 19 different players that go in and out of my base they all have a room and they all have furniture in each room .

Building is fun but over builds destroy the server . Thank you

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That’s no permanent builds after the main base .
One land claim per clan .

Well, rent a server and make those rules for yourself - for YOUR server.

No need for anyone to impose their preferences on the rest of us - on official servers.


While this one agrees with several points above, especially greater claim radius against building, a prisoner cart, and a perma-base number limit (but it will have to be balanced against the potential for it seeming like a punishment for clanning up), this one diverges on specific build piece limits.

Simply put, not all pieces impact server load equally. Furthermore, the servers are already loaded in some areas of the map. A reasonable limit in one place would not be reasonable in others, even if all pieces were of equal burden to the processor.

The other question that comes up is how long would one measure a “permanent” build?
1 day?
1 week?

With the server merger shenanigans, this one would be more in favour of routine (monthly-quarterly, at least yearly) wipes on all official servers to keep things both fair and fresh.

An indicator showing how loaded the server is in the area, coupled with a note about how much load any specific build pieces adds would be most felicitous.

This one is loathe to suggest the reporting solution for builds because what was once considered normal, is now verboten, and from what this one has seen, rather than warnings or just nuking builds, there seems to be whimsical bans handed out.

This, of course, only applies to PvE.
If there is a build that offends you and you are in PvP, demolish it. Very simple and elegant solution.

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Look I got a base that’s under 10.000 build peaces and if you seen this base you wouldn’t believe it .has a huge main building and two
Toward . And we are a 20 player clan .

But we all don’t get on the same server at once so others have a slot to play .
Only 2 or 3 of us are on at once .

And that base does everything we need .
The rest is obviously over build .
.and over build crashes servers

And how does that help other players on the game .

Another said don’t impose rules .
Here is a idea no one would have to pose rules if people had common damn sense and stop over building and being disrespectful to all other players on servers .
Example 8 different vaults 5 different animal pens and 7 horse pens?

That’s crazy .

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Perfect! Sounds like your problem is solved then.

Still talking about your private server I see.

I thought it was your server, just ban them and be done with it.

As far as Official Servers are concerned, I am certainly glad you are not in charge of making or enforcing the rules. It has been explained dozens of times on the forums why a hard building cap is a very bad idea and calling someone a ‘troll’ because they don’t agree with you on that subject comes across as petty and childish. It is for reasons like these that I refuse to play on someone else’s private server.

Enjoy your server with your rules and let others enjoy official servers with Funcom’s rules.


In Single Player, I think… with my Multi base system. (decay is off, so no spider webs) I got about 5800 now.
Each Purge Base is about 200-300, Got 5 of them now. (working on 6th for Volcano)
There set up to minimum size, But have multi walls incase they get thru, so they can’t get to Wheel of Pain.

Got small 60+ hut for my meteor farm.

3 150+ piece map rooms. (Main home, to get out) One One near Forest(to get home) And one In jungle. I pretty much walk otherwise.

Main base is 1599 right now.

Got a few 200 ones around map… some just for looks, or to have something in back drop as I roam about.

I rarely go past 1500-2000 on ps4. the lag… if to many in one zone. On PC… been kinda going nutts. XD

Have you been on TeleTesselator’s server and seen firsthand how he plays, or for that matter the size of his base!? If not then please refrain from hurling baseless accusations at good community members.

I am in firm agreement with both @TeleTesselator and @DaVice here.

If you are running a private server and wish to put a cap on building pieces and ban those violate those rules, then that is fine. It is your prerogative. But do not presume to start demanding that Funcom run official servers in accordance with your own standards and preferences. At this point you have no justifiable grounds for complaint, and even less for slinging ridicule and personal insults at others.


Why are you building across the map on official like your the only damn one on the server .
Building so big that laggs the whole server ?

You know soo much then you should know there are only 50 gig per sever .
Then you get yo azz wiped .

Do you now have the same feeling as me:

That this post keeps appearing every few months?

Supposedly the people talked to several clan leaders and and and.

And yet the majority is against such a principle, but they keep trying.

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That could always be true. My opinion is just that it’s a lack of thinking and consideration. Right, it’s the easiest but the most inconsiderate and unthoughtful solution choice. It’s like having two kids fighting over a toy. Easiest choice: Take away the toy. Better but more difficult choice: teach the kids how to share. etc. Not a perfect metaphor but…


What system?

Based on which system and please note this type of change will affect PC and Xbox folks as well as PS. Also note that devs have been on here time and time again to say the # foundations is not the issue. It’s always been placeables and followers. Plus what is adequate for everyone. Truth be told, I see your 15k limit as excessive…even for my PVE castles. For PVP I can easily get by under 5k and pve 10k so why not just make my limits total for everyone. See the issue there? Excessiveness is subjective which is why you can’t manage it with hard limits but with culture change of the player base. Also lets go back the systems because if a PS4 has two minute load times, I have to have limits put on my game on the PS5 or gaming rig?

Why? I build underwater map rooms and little satellite bases around the entire map and they all decay faster than are found so why are you wanting to limit me if I have 10 different alternative claims that you never known about?

Even in PVE this isn’t a thing so I’m confused what you are saying here. PVP, nothing is permanent and in PVE, if you don’t reset your timers it should be gone as others on the server remove the resource draining “trash”.

I have seen this idea out there before. Lets talk. Can another person access the inventory window of this cart? If so, love the idea. If not, then I want the cart to have less than 500 hp so that you can do strategic strikes against your enemies gaining advantages with thralls.

Absolutely not. If you can walk around the build, then it didn’t block a dang thing. Plus some areas are nothing but trail intersections. Don’t limit potential because of a few bad eggs.